Cảnh cuối trong tập Running Man vừa qua khiến cho nhiều khán giả chỉ trích Ji Suk Jin sau khi nhìn thấy anh phản bội các thành viên còn lại. Vào tập Running Man ngày 29 tháng 3, các thành viên cùng với khách mời Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, và Junho của 2PM đã dâng hiến bản tên để Ji Suk Jin chiến thắng. Các thành viên cũng như thế, đáng nhẽ đội sản xuất phải tặng cả 10 thỏi vàng cho mỗi thành viên và cả khách mời mới đúng. Đoạn cuối, sau khi những nỗi lực của đội, các thành viên và khách mời đã thành công nhiệm vụ và tổ sản xuất đưa 10 thỏi cho Ji Suk Jin. Lúc đó, tổ sản xuất thông báo rằng Ji Suk Jin có cơ hội chia sẻ vàng với các thành viên và khách mới, hoặc ôm luôn số vàng bỏ đi. Ji Suk Jin chọn điều cuối và lập tức rời khỏi đó, để các thành viên và khách mời chưng hửng. Nhiều netizens và khán giả không hài lòng với quyết định đó và trút hết giận dữ lên đầu Ji Suk Jin trên trang Weibo cá nhân của anh. Họ bình luận rằng “Anh thật sự lấy vàng đi hả?!”, “Quyết định của Ji Suk Jin thật quá đáng… làm sao anh có thể lấy tất cả vàng được? Đó là nỗ lực của cả team mà,” và “Tôi thật sự đã nghĩ anh phải chia vàng với mọi người chứ, tại sao anh lại giành riêng mình? Chẳng thể tin nổi.” Thật ra, các lựa chọn tổ sản xuất đưa ra là để cho SHOW THÊM THÚ VỊ, và Ji Suk Ji thực tế ĐÃ CHIA VÀNG CHO CÁC THÀNH VIÊN VÀ KHÁCH MỜI LÚC KẾT THÚC GHI HÌNH. Hơn nữa, SONG JIHYO ĐÃ TẶNG VÀNG CỦA MÌNH CHO MỘT TRONG NHỮNG NGƯỜI THỢ SĂN ĐÃ NỖ LỰC GIÚP ĐỠ QUAY TẬP PHIM NÀY. Theo FC Monday Couple Vietnam
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Chanyeol apologizes for his poor performance on EXO’s KBS Music Bank stage

After fans noticed EXO‘s Chanyeol‘s poor performance during the most recent episode of KBS Music Bank, the singer sincerely apologized to fans and reassure fans. Chanyeol left a lengthy comment on his most recent Instagram photo on April 3rd, revealing that he misunderstood the performance as a rehearsal, apologizing to fans, “I am really sorry.” He was seen dancing at ease and wanted to save his energy for the live performance. “It wasn’t because I was in pain, so everyone please don’t be too worried,” Chanyeol said, “From tomorrow and on wards, I will only show you a cooler and perfect stage.” Read his full message below. Meanwhile, EXO released the title track “Call Me Baby” for their 2nd album EXODUS on March 30th. Both the track and the album has been grabbing others’ attention as it was named one of the top tracks of March by Fuse. EXODUS on the other hand sold over half a million copies since its release, selling a total of 502,440 copies. “Everyone…I want to upload a new post on Instagram..I am too embarrassed to do so, therefore I’m leaving a comment like this. Today at the Music Bank stage, I was caught in a few scenes dancing insincerely. That was not because I was sick, but because I misunderstood the last recording as a rehearsal, and didn’t dance my hardest thinking that I need to reserve my energy but it was broadcasted just like that ㅠㅠ I feel ashamed and embarrassed for not checking and having left such an image on stage.. ㅠㅠ It wasn’t because I was in pain, so everyone please don’t be too worried, from tomorrow and on wards, I will only show you a cooler and perfect stage..I am really sorry.”
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Netizens heavily criticize Goo Hara, Jessica Jung, and Davichi’s Minkyung for alleged inappropriate photo

Goo Hara recently shared a group photo of herself together with her close friends,Jessica Jung and Kang Minkyung, but was later forced to take it down after receiving negative criticism. On April 3rd, KARA‘s Hara reunited and met with former Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica andDavichi‘s Minkyung for a girl’s night out, sharing the moment with her followers on her SNS account. The three could be seen affectionately posing as they came together in a group hug and smiling at the camera. Looking casual in their jeans and warm tops, the three women’s long and slender legs are very noticeable. However, following the posting of the group photo came a high amount of negativity and criticism from netizens, which later forced her hand to take the post down. It can no longer be found on her SNS accounts. [+831, -184] The three idols with the stupid-images…Why do they think it’s okay to post a photo of themselves in a private room drinking on SNS like that?? If they were smarter, they would know that pictures like these aren’t good for their image. [+634, -113] Kang Minkyung is keeping up her dumb image ever since she was caught bringing rice wine going hiking on the broadcast of 1 Night 2 Daysㅋㅋ As for Jessica and Hara, they’re both the “middle kids” in entertainment who can’t act or sing or even variety and are insignificant without their group ㅋㅋ [+548, -89] Jessica is doing media playing even on someone else’s SNS ㅋㅋ All she get is hate in Korea now, it’s sad
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CL renews contract with YG Entertainment to prepare for solo activities

Blackjacks may be seeing solo activities from CL not only in the United States but in South Korea as well! One of K-pop’s favorite divas was reported to have just renewed her contract with her agency, YG Entertainment, signing on solo activities as well, which further stabilizing her current plans of making a solo debut in America. YG officials further confirmed the news on April 4th. They further explain that the renewal was taken as an advanced step so that she may have reliable support and management for her upcoming activities in America. CL has received attention worldwide not only for her artistic skills and fashion, but also because she is able to communicate with fans in various languages and her understanding of various cultures. This is all due to having moved around multiple times across the world due to her family growing up. News of her contract renewal with YG Entertainment has alerted fans into a frenzy, most voicing out their fear of what would happen to 2NE1. But fear not Blackjacks! According to reports, the remaining members of 2NE1, including Park Bom, Minzy, andSandara Park, are expected to revisit their contract and renew next year.