Smartphones that stand out from the crowd -

There's are hundreds of smartphone manufacturers, thousands of different smartphones. But, these smartphones stand out from the crowd. They look and feel different. Some are mix of modern and traditional styles, and on other hand some are futuristic looking piece of tech. These are some of the best unique looking smartphones. If you're looking for something different to buy, these should definitely on your list. And even if you're not going to buy them, it worth knowing about them. So, guys take a look. Scroll down. 1. Blackberry Priv Remember the old Blackberry Curve days? Imagine, how cool it'd be have to that comfortable hardware qwerty keyboard with today's smartphone design. All in one sleek and slim looking package. Other than hardware keyboard it has dual curved-edge screen, just like current Samsung Galaxy lineup. Blackberry Priv has an 5.4 inch 2K AMOLED display, Snapdragon 808, 18MP camera with f2.2 aperture, 3GB of RAM, 3410mAH battery, 32GB on board storage with micro SD card support to keep you going with day-to-day life with awesome performance overall. 2. LG V10 We all like good looking metal and glass phone, but are they going to be good looking even if you drop them from the height of your shoulder or even waist? Obviously not. They're not going to be good looking after you drop it a even once. This is the reason why LG's V10 is on the list. V10 sports a different looking design with steel frame on the sides and rubberized plastic on the back which is completely user accessible. Rubberized plastic back is dubbed as Dura-Skin, which is supposed to give good durability and grip to hold. Other than unique looking design with military-grade durability it has secondary display on the top just like on Samsung phones but it's on the top. Secondary display can show you always on clock or keep your signature on your phone, quickly switch between apps which improves multitasking speed. LG V10 features 16MP camera which has incredible imaging and video quality. For me, this is the best Video Camera phone. Video Recording is amazing on this phone as you can change the direction of audio from where you want to record it, from front or the back side. Multiple microphones also helps with "Wind Noise Cancelation" feature. It has Snapdragon 808, Fingerprint scanner, Built in DAC, 4GB RAM, 64GB on board storage with SD card. 3. Nextbit Robin