5 Best Non Veg Thali to Order in Train

Have you tried different Non-Veg thali in India? If you haven’t, then you can experience the delicious thali of our country while travelling by train from one region to another. Devouring veg and non-veg thalis in train is possible with IRCTC partner through train food delivery app, Railrestro. Online thali order in train is easy and light on your pocket. So, do travel to Indian cities by train to explore their food options and flavorful cuisine on the train. Thali offers you all of the authentic flavours, from sweet to spicy on a single plate. Every part of India has its own version of the thali, and as you travel across the country, you'll be greeted with a variety of different local delicacies. Indulging in a delectable non-vegetarian thali on the train is a great idea to explore the regional delight. Delicious Non-Veg Thali Options to Order in Train 1. Maharashtra Maharashtrians foods are renowned for their spicy and unique melange of spices. Chicken and seafood are the most common part of non-veg thali here. The Maharashtrian non-veg thali includes rice, daal, chapati, fish, seafood, chicken along with pickles and salad on the other corner. You can choose among fish, chicken and seafood that comes to your plate. When it comes to desserts, the thali has plenty of options, including aamras and sheera. If you ever have a chance to travel through Mumbai central station and are hungry, then get the experience of savouring delicious Maharashtrian non-veg thali in train. IRCTC food delivery in train partner RailRestro delivers delicious and hygienic food in train right at your seat. Ordering online food in train to get safe, fresh and hot meals on wheels amid COVID.
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