Lost Love Pt. 2

Part two is now up! If you wanna read Part 1, click here! please give your opinion, and what you think about this story, and what shocked you the most. thank you and love you all so much! Play back of the first part: The words could not be taken back, you were crying suddenly, "I don't even know what I did..." You ran off, "God dammit.... you didn't do anything..." He had tried to run after you, but before he could reach you, or even turn around he heard a car slamming on the brakes and a thud. He turned around to see you got hit by a car. He ran to you and picked you up, but just touching you, he could see the pain in your eyes. The pain from what has happened between the two of you, and the pain from getting hit. "(Y/N)! Oh my god... What have I done... I'm so sorry..." Others from the party must have heard the sound, because next thing you knew, guests were coming out to see what happened. Yoongi kissed your forehead, he was crying. He had actually showed that he cared for you, but him showing it now was just to late. Nothing could undo this. "(Y/N).. I do love you... I don't know what I was thinking... I'm so sorry.." "Yoongi...." He hushed you, "Call me Suga..." He was giving you the name. You were truly special, but he just showed it too late. "Suga.. Promise me to learn from this... Please, take care of my family.... I... I love you, Min Yoongi." Those were you last words, before dying. "I love you too (Y/N).." Yoongi had said as he was bawling his eyes out. Ambulances had came, and even tried reviving you, but they too were just to late. Yoongi, had Lost his Love. Suga's POV:

Make Your Own Story Lost Love

So I got tagged by @Emealia to do a challenge that @DeniseiaGardner made. so I have made bunch of stories/fan fictions, so I am just going to post it. this is kinda long? because I had originally intended it on being one story, but it turned out being two stories, so I am just going to merge them into one big story on here. feel free to read it, and give me any criticism on it, or just give me your opinion on the story. I will probably post the first story on this card, and the second story on a different card. This story is also on wattpad, so if you wanna read it there, or read any of my stories feel free to read it. My account is @ Xiha9382 WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS LOTS OF FEELS, ONE HAS EVEN CRIED READING THIS It was late that night, you were laying in bed staring at your book in hand not reading it, but thinking instead. Just before you had dinner with your parents, older sister Paige, and her husband Caho. Your parents were staring and smiling at you quite a lot though. You and your sister were talking a lot as well, but who can blame the two of you? Sure you guys were in a royal family, but one your sister married into a different family and spends more time with them and with you. You two are like best friends, and you wanted to be like her. Paige was someone who was herself, and not what her parents wanted, though they tried to they failed because Paige was one to go her own road. She married the guy she wanted to, and she had an amazing job, heck she was even expecting her own child in the next 5 months! You just wanted to live like her, but you were to nice to not turn down your parents. It just bothered you that they were oddly staring at you, "Mom? Dad? is there something bothering you?" You finally spoke up during dinner an setting down your silver ware just to focus on them now. They looked at each other, smiled and looked back at you, "Honey, you are going to get married, and the boy-" Your mother was cut off by your sister spitting out her wine and yelling at your mom, "What!? You did an arranged marriage!?" Your sister was not happy, and you were just in shock. Your sister hated the thought of arranged marriage, that's why she married before your parents could make it. She married at the age of 16 with Caho, at that time they were secretly dating for 3 years. Now they have been together for 8 years, and still happy as if the day they first got together. When your parents found out they tried to break them up before a marriage could happen, but it didn't work. Your sister wants you to personally find the guy you love and marry him by your choice, not an arranged marriage. They had fought and fought about whether or not you should go with your parents plan. But you decided to speak up, "Paige, it's fine, really. I will respect our parents wish. I mean it's already been arranged." You got up and walked to your room, you thought you had said that in your head actually. But that brings us to now. You were just staring at your book, not reading but just thinking about what news your parents brought you, still just think about it and if you actually said it out loud or not, but your sister had came into the room and sat next to you. "Y/N... Are you sure you want to go through this..?" Well you did it. You had said it out loud. Now what do you say? Only thing to say, "Yeah, who knows, the guy might not be that bad. I can always give it a chance, and if it doesn't work out I can always just go in hiding, and you know I can." You didn't even look at from your book, you were to scared to see what her expression was. Paige got up and walked to the door, "It's late, get some rest sweetie."