Know about the story of Salasar Balaji. Hanuman temple in Rajasthan - Nitin Pujari Salasar

Our Balaji is a temple priest. He belongs to the Waghela community. Waghela is a Tyagi by caste. The family has been living in Balaji Temple since its establishment. Pujari Nitin Salasar service as a supervising priest in the temple and promote eco-spiritual awareness among youth. His pilgrimage journey was from his school days when he reached Kohliya Hanuman Temple for the first time with his elder brother to offer prayers. In India, there are so many temples where devotees come from all parts of the country as well as abroad for salvation as per the Indian culture and custom. In every temple, there is a presiding deity presiding over it, be it Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durga, or Lakshmi – they are present amongst us to grant us salvation and grant it to others too. We all are born with a hidden desire to serve humanity. When we don't do it, life seems incomplete. Nitin Pujari has also found his way to service o humanity. His family has made this tradition of service now next generation will carry on the same tradition. He is now popular among youth because he preaches meditation and shares the hidden power of Ramcharitamanas. The story which is known as the Hanuman temple in Rajasthan story is old but its beauty will not diminish forever. It's one of the landmarks in Salasar Balaji, Rajasthan along with Banke Bihari Ji temple and Narsingh Garh Ji temple. Every year lakhs of devotees come to visit these sacred places. "Know about the story of Salasar Balaji Read more at: www.nitinpujari.com In this article, you will read the story of a Pujari from Rajasthan - Salasar Balaji. In Ancient India, there was a man named Dronacharya, he was a great teacher to princes as well as commoners. From his hands, many soldiers were born who helped India in time of need. If you have read the epic Mahabharata, then surely you have seen how great a teacher he was to Karna and Duryodhana, etc. So much so that Dhritarashtra's wife- Gandhari maasi- too blessed him with one son. Dhritarashtra rarely speaks; hence Gandhari named her son Guru Drona. Nitin Pujari Salasar, the spiritual influencer is on a mission to end the slavery of consciousness. Hence, he is giving his all efforts in preaching spirituality to the youth. His preaching methods have spurred curiosity among youngsters. Taking place at Kalasha Ashrams Rajasthan, Pujari hosts an Indian puja every second Sunday. A traditional puja of this type - authentic puja culture of India is on rising in number on weekends in different parts of the world. Pujaris are occupying the hearts of the masses with authentic Indian vibes. What is the story of an Indian spiritual influencer named Nitin Pujari Salasar? He is a youth devotee of Balaji Salasar, which means the one who wears Salwar (long traditional North Indian pants). He has become popular among millennials. He put his way to find God and preaches among his followers, who have secured a place in the heart of his people for good. Such names as Gandhi Ji and Thakur Ji stood as a bridge between different worlds. The time has now come, the great urge to find peace and order in routine life is still stronger than ever. The pain we see today is not part of an eternal cold expression, as such it’s the expression of evolution.

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