3 Things You Should Know About Clip In Hair Extensions!

Heya beautiful ladies! I am back to tell you about the most asked for topics which is about clip in human hair extensions. As we all are super fond of hair extensions and love to wear them on daily basis but getting extensions on for a longer time can affect your scalp and hence we can use the best clip ins as they are easily removable. So before investing into clip ins you all must know these 3 things about them. So let's go reading ladies! 1) Let's The Follicles Breathe! Clip in hair extensions dont put too much pressures on the follicles as they are clipped in the length of the hair. This means that your hair will have the chance to grow naturally. Also, you will get the freedom to change your look anytime you want. They are super simple to attach and offer an instant hairstyle in a snap. You can put off your extensions while you are sleeping or just aren't in a mood to deck up! This is not very much possible with other types of extensions! 2) Say No If There Is A Hair Breakage! Clip in hair extensions indeed have alot of benefits and are just the perfect type of hair extensions but they can cause a lil extra hair breakages and is not adviced when you already have hair breakages in your hair or you are suffering from alopecia. You can try Tape in hair extensions to get similar look but always talk to a professional hair stylist who can help you with the right type of extensions in accordance to your hair types! So ladies be carefull with this as heart breaks are still acceptable but it's a complete no no for Hair breakages! 3) Humongous Range Of Textures!