SUJU-Super Junior

First post on here so had to start off with SUJU and how they inspired me to create. This was not a exploration but a message that SUJU and situations inspired me to make. Hope you enjoy Ever since finding Siwon through watching She Was Pretty and noticing idol gifs when texting my friend, SUJU has swelled like the rising tide and swept me away. Being a late bloomer to kpop in general and learning groups even slower, SUJU was the first band I ever truly became a fan of. As I catch up on the years of dedication, friendship, hardships, and family that is SUJU I got to see how these amazing men grew up(with full understanding that even this is only a window). I truly found myself becoming an ELF as each lovely individual grew on me. I saw them for their flaws and their beautiful personalities. I saw them stick up for their family. I saw them help each other while always working hard for ELF. SUJU is beautiful, both inside and out. Recently I wandered across a few hard moments to watch but the sincerity and emotion behind the moments moved me. I couldn't sit still and not capture the moment. When Leeteuk had a hard time leaving for the military and he reminded both himself and us that we were family, I cried with him. Now years later and with the group back and putting on amazing shows, his words and the emotions behind the moment were taken differently. I had now seen their emotional reaction to the sea of sapphire waving through the crowded stadium and I had been getting to know these people, I knew when he said "I wondered why these kinds of things were put upon me.." there was soo much behind those words and I couldn't help but think about our most recent loss with the beautiful Kim Jonghyun from SHINee. With everyone we know we can only see the surface of the turbulent sea that is in each individual. With these emotions running through me I watched as Leeteuk struggled to hold it in and then found his center, his family:ELF and SUJU alike. Something so heartbreaking to watch and to empathize, became beautiful and a since of hope and perseverance. I know Jonghyun was hard for everyone involved, and those closer to him suffer all the more. When you despair, take the time to find your center, your family. Family does not have to be blood related. Everyone has someone who loves them, who would mourn their loss, and who the 'what if' destroys them when it's too late. Center yourself and find your strength. Tell those around you how you feel, you never know when someone needs to lean on you because their silent cries are hidden beneath a mask. We are beautiful when we are one, creating a sea of sapphire to light someone's soul with beauty and awe. Thank you Super Junior for the laughs, the growing, and for showing yourself. Always stay strong and beautiful, you are more helpful then you know. You can lead in ways you never knew you have. Your dedication is noticed and loved. Hwaiting!