-Keeping your dream Writing is something that is difficult to do, but very easy to turn away from. Especially when you always see your writing peers doing better than you. Making more progress, getting published, finishing stories, and it always makes you feel like you're not progressing for a reason. It always makes you feel like you're not meant to be a writer, that you'll never finish, that you'll keep telling yourself that you will be a writer one day, but the longer you work on your stuff, and the more unfinished your work becomes. It makes you wonder. If you're waisting your time, and if this is all just a silly dream. Now listen to me when I tell you that it's not. The only things that keeps me going is the few fans that I have that are patiently waiting me to finish, my husband, my friends, but most importantly my best friend. Who will literally drop her life to come kick my ass if I tell her that I'm quitting writing. If you have even one person that helps you write. That believes in your writing. Then hang on to that, because they are your motivation. Show them what you can do, and how much you can suceed. If you don't, keep writing until you do. Keep going until you win those contest, and keep working on those chapters. Edit after edit. Until your finished. Every diamond come from coal, and they're also the most searched for. You'll never know if you're a diamond if you give up, and if you ever need someone to believe in you. Then count on me. If you ever need someone to read something, or promote a page just ask :) Happy writing

Chapter 1: Keita

“Keita! Keita come down here! You’re going to be late!” My mother screamed, but I had no energy to get out of bed. I had fallen asleep at about 4 a.m., and my flash cards were spread over my bed. “Keita!” My mom screamed again. Her efforts were futile, but unnecessarily consistent. I groaned, and realized that if I missed my test than my efforts would be the ones that were futile. I rolled, until I was able to role myself off the bed, and cursed as I stabbed myself with one of the pens that was on the floor, and slammed myself on some of the text books I had laying around. My room was covered in books and papers from studying for finals last night. I studied until I passes out, and I still couldn’t make it to my math worksheet. I thought leaving my comfortable bed would help me get up, but with how tired I was I just got use to the floor. My mom called me again, and I turned my head to the door, and sighed trying to push myself up. “I’m awake! Not alive, but awake!” I called out, and tried to mask my annoyance. I was annoyed, but I was also excited, yet anxious, and then worried. With the way my body felt this morning It didn’t sound like it was going to get any better. Let the bad luck begin. I got up, and continued walking to the bathroom. Laying on the floor was going to do nothing for me today. I stepped into the bathroom, and looked at the mirror. I looked the way I felt. I looked closer to the mirror, and pulled down the bottom lid to my right eye. The dark circles around my eyes were beginning to form, and for a moment if I wondered if I needed school to live my life as a raccoon. My hair was tousled from left to right, and with as terrible as I felt, I didn’t care if it stayed like that forever. “Keita!” My mother called again, and I replied with a random noise so she’d know I was listening. “Do you want pancakes or waffles?” “Pancakes!” I called back. I ripped off my shirt, threw it into the dirty close hamper, and started undressing to take my shower. I rushed through my morning routine throwing away those parts of it that weren’t needed. Like singing in the shower, or caring about which shirt I wanted to wear. The water wouldn’t be on through the first chorus, and a simple black shirt, and my green jacket would be fine, and I ran down stairs ready to make a new start. "Keita, Kimi came by this morning, but I told her you were still asleep.” My mother was walking back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room. “She wanted to wait for you, but I told her to go on ahead.” She carried the container of syrup to the table and sat down in her chair next to me. The table was big, big enough for four people, but It was just me and mom. “I told her there was no reason that two people should be late for their test.”

Prologue: Sage

“Just ask her.” My best friend, Yusai, said. He was getting annoyed by my constant refusals and excuses. He knew they were excuses, because he knew me. I knew he did, because I knew him. Eight years of friendship kind of does that to a person. You begin to keep track of every little thing you notice about them, or at least that’s what I do. “Listen, if you don’t ask her, then I’m going to ask her for you, and you know what’s going to happen if I talk to her.” “I have to study. You and your other careless friends can go and waste the last remaining brain cells you have right before the test.” I said, rolling my eyes and turning the volume down on my computer. I’ve already closed my books long before he called me, but he doesn’t need to know that. I just don’t like parties. Making small talk with people. Those simple rules of conversation, and that will be all it is besides bringing up similar interest, complaints, or events, and I’m just not interested in playing the social role of Yusai’s friend. “Plus, you’ll have Veora there, and you won’t even be talking to me.” “That’s bullshit.” He was rolling his eyes now, I assume. The way he let out a long breath before he even responded. He was annoyed, and it reminded me of when Yusai first got his girlfriend. He said the same thing when I said he wouldn’t be around as much, because he’d be so busy with her. Yeah, it was some bullshit. It was some shit alright. “Plus.” His voice boomed back through the phone, as he was ready to destroy me with his next argument. “If you don’t come then that poor girl from our math class is going to have to sit by herself as well.” “No way. No way, you got her to go? She never leaves that one girl’s side.” I smiled remembering her. The girl that I’ve spent 99 percent of my class period staring at, and the other 1 percent listening to this stickler Mr. Ross. She had this tweety bird blonde hair that highlighted the extremely light blue eyes that she had. They almost seemed clear. It’s not like she’s never talked in class, or answered a question, but she didn’t seem to be social with anyone. “Now it’s my turn Yusai, that’s bullshit, and you know it.” I don’t even believe that he even invited her, and even if he did, that doesn’t mean she’ll come. “Well you can’t really say I’m lying if you don’t show up.” I turned on my back, and stared at my ceiling thinking this over. It could be bait; it could just be bait to get me to go. I know that, but even though I know that. If I have a chance to see her I want to take it. I knew, from the quiet stir on the other side of the phone that he wasn’t bothered anymore. He had probably gone back to setting up for the party, and was no longer focusing his energy on trying to get me to go. “I mean it’s your choice. If you don’t want to. You don’t have to.” Yeah, he’s long forgotten about struggling with me. As I continued thinking my life over I could hear Reina, my sister, walking down the hallway. Her footsteps lightly pressed against the floor just hard enough to be heard. She wasn’t rushing. She surely wasn’t stressed. If I asked her if I could go, what would she say? I thought about it. I thought about going over to her, and asking her what she thought, but then I remembered what happened when I asked her things. Now I remember why I was refusing Yusai in the first place, because those little rules of conversation were just too much for me right now. “Just go.” Yusai said through the phone startling me a bit. It’s almost like he knew everything I was thinking. Well he should, he’s my best friend. “She’s your sister, not you warden. What’s she going to do if you leave? Call the cops?” “Now you’re acting like you don’t even know Reina.” I chuckled, and he laughed with me. Even if Reina did call the police. All Yusai would have to do is call his dad and tell him it was a false alarm, and we could continue with our night. That’s the kind of privileges you get when you were born with a golden spoon in your mouth. My sister likes to joke that he’s so lucky that it’s like the world itself spoils him. “Alright, I’ll be there.” I sighed, and quickly jumped up from my bed, and then stumbling from getting up too fast. “Shit.” I hissed to myself. I said goodbye to Yusai, and reassured him again that I would be there. He better be right, and she better be there.