-Keeping your dream Writing is something that is difficult to do, but very easy to turn away from. Especially when you always see your writing peers doing better than you. Making more progress, getting published, finishing stories, and it always makes you feel like you're not progressing for a reason. It always makes you feel like you're not meant to be a writer, that you'll never finish, that you'll keep telling yourself that you will be a writer one day, but the longer you work on your stuff, and the more unfinished your work becomes. It makes you wonder. If you're waisting your time, and if this is all just a silly dream. Now listen to me when I tell you that it's not. The only things that keeps me going is the few fans that I have that are patiently waiting me to finish, my husband, my friends, but most importantly my best friend. Who will literally drop her life to come kick my ass if I tell her that I'm quitting writing. If you have even one person that helps you write. That believes in your writing. Then hang on to that, because they are your motivation. Show them what you can do, and how much you can suceed. If you don't, keep writing until you do. Keep going until you win those contest, and keep working on those chapters. Edit after edit. Until your finished. Every diamond come from coal, and they're also the most searched for. You'll never know if you're a diamond if you give up, and if you ever need someone to believe in you. Then count on me. If you ever need someone to read something, or promote a page just ask :) Happy writing