Bts Appreciation Card

Forgive me but this is my first time making a card! so if it sucks, again I'm very sorry! I just wanted show everyone how amazing and wonderful the group BTS is! They are a Pop Korean group of 7 members! They debuted back in 2013 with the song No More Dreams. The song was written and produced by Bts themselves. The lyrics talk about teens and young kids that don't have any dreams at all but want to succeed in life. They want to do big stuff in life and want to be known but they don't want to go to school but are afraid that of they drop out or stop that they will be looked down at by society. I don't know if that's what it actually means on the spot but that's the way I heard the song and after reading the lyrics it's the way I intercepted the song. They have 9 Albums out. 2 of which are full albums: Dark and Wild, and the most recent WINGS. The rest are Mini Albums: 2 Kool 4 Skool, O! R U L8 2, Skool Luv Affair, Wake Up, and all the most beautiful moments in life. They are currently working on a new album which will continue the story they couldn't finish in their previous album: WINGS. The new album is called WINGS Side Story: You Never Walk Alone and it will be the same as the last album. It will consist of each member participating in writing and producing their own song. Like I said there are 7 Members! (That I love all so freaking much that it hurts ;-;) Rap Monster