💮Vinglecon: Otakuverse 2016🐾Part 1-Welcome🙋

Ya' busy, much? If you don't have the time to explore this ultimate card, you can always clip it and bring friends later for a little adventure time. Keep coming back to party. Welcome everyone! (要らしっゃい, みな!) A special gift for my friends - the official Rockron Vinglecon concluding 2015 and moving beyond. It's EXTREMELY late. Lots of goodies and laughs are here for fans of mainstream anime/manga; Big news, discussions, comedy, suPRIZes, 日本五Japanese text and more! Below, you'll find a map for whatever you're into, labeled with letters. Stay a while! Like some crap! Comment on junk. Did you know it's super late? Vinglecon Map Rising Legends............................................................A

Don't Think I Haven't Noticed

❤Likes: Sometimes a little too low. ☝Sometimes a little too high. It's everywhere. I'm just the first to point it out. Now, ALLOW me to address all of my friends with tags. I must keep them updated. Don't hurt me! @Ash2424701 @Basara @LuffyNewman @havic @DakotaCooley @brirodriguez412 @desireesowah143 @TiffanyWallace @hikaymm @XxFallingStar @TeddieBear @danidee @Sirprods @SeintoSeiya @RaulGamboa @Presidentepic @QueenYuki @tayhar18920 @ShinigamiSan @yulissab2015 @captainespe0n @AdamDean @JustinDiaz @Thatperson512 @ShalltearBloodf @ebethoven @shannonl5 @sammsosa @Danse @arnelli @KalyanMadoori @Hatrosca @VinMcCarthy @cjsmith687 @RONRON21 @Lizzeh @MimmiBumble01 @missmage001 @DanieWilkins @HappySaysAye @IsaiahWaterford @PASCUASIO ⚡@Laxus @TreverMoon P.S. I gave each and every one of you an individual emoji by your tag, but Laxus is the only one that loads for some reason. LMBO. It's in the comments. (On the left of your name!)
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