Support and Advice needed.

Hey vingle fam! Rosa here, and I just really need to vent, because I'm just super anxious and don't know what to do anymore. So my boyfriend had just broken up with me after 6 months of dating, but I want to hear from you guys, what you think about it, and what advice you guys can give me. So we were in an interracial (he's asian, I'm hispanic)/long distance relationship (not as long as you would think, but there was a distance), and throughout this whole time, I thought that he was really into me. He would go the extra mile to go and make me happy. He has memorized everything that makes me, well, me. He has gone to a kpop concert for me (he doesn't even like kpop like that), he has stopped a bus to see me, he has done just so much. I really fell for him because of all of this. I thought that we were doing so great, and that everything was perfect, but it turns out, it wasn't. Last week, I went to go visit him in the town he was raised in (for our 6 month anniversary), and I met his family and everything. We watched home videos, and it made me like him a lot more than I had before. But once I went back home, he told me that he was tired of me, and that he needed space. So on Monday, while breaking up (this was via skype btw), he said that since the first day, he has never had butterflies from me. That he knows what it feels like, and he didn't get anything from me. That he tried, but it just didn't happen, and that he wanted to break up because he wanted to go find and feel that again. My heart broke, and I was devastated. All he had to say was that he was sorry, but he wanted to find real happiness. I pretty much summarized it, but this is what happened, and I'm still so hurt by it. I just need support and advice, because I just feel so lost. Thank you guys for your time - Rosa

When your boyfriend gets into K-Pop/K-dramas

Hey guys, Rosa here, and I just wanted to rant a little bit. So my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 3 months now, and being the big k-pop/k-drama fanatic that I am, he has tried to get into it for me, so we had things to listen to/watch together. Being the HUUUGE BAP fan that I am, I was not going to miss LOE2016 for anything (and I mean anything) in the world, so he decided to join me in the experience. He has never had any REAL exposure to K-pop, so seeing it live is a very different experience to what most K-poppers usually go through. He obviously did not understand what was going on, and although he was trying to get me to calm down the whole time (I cried and screamed SO hard, especially when my UB Youngjae came out and slayed my life), he actually really enjoyed it! So with the exposure and with the heck of a performance that my BAP kings gave us, he wanted to know more about k-pop, different groups and everything, would then try to learn some of the songs, and would spend less time with me. But you know what? I was totally okay with it because it was nice to know that he enjoyed it as much as I did. AND THEN I MADE THE MISTAKE OF INTRODUCING HIM TO K-DRAMAS. One night, we got bored, so we decided that that night would be the night he would be introduced to K-dramas. I wanted to ease him into it and show him something sweet, yet simple, so I choose "To The Beautiful You". We agreed that we would watch it together, one episode every night (even though I've already watched it), AND THEN HE DECIDES TO IGNORE ME FOR 2 DAYS STRAIGHT AND GO BINGE WATCH IT WITHOUT ME I wanted to fight him so bad, like how are you not gonna be a man of your word? How are you going to ignore me like that, WHEN I INTRODUCED YOU TO IT?! You ungrateful little wench. But I took a breather, and then accepted the fact that this is what my life has come to, that K-pop/K-dramas have taken him, and I was the one that pushed him into this black hole.
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