Meet CocoAvenue: The World’s First All Black K-Pop Group

According to society, Black people and K-Pop are polar opposites. They’re like two conflicting entities that were never meant to meet. Kind of like roasted peanuts and collard greens. You just don’t do that. Right? Well, I say wrong. With some K-Pop stars donning clothing and accessories made popular by Black people while singing R&B, why is it so farfetched that melanated individuals may actually enjoy it? And, why is it so strange to think that Black people may want to ride the Hallyu wave as well? That’s where Jenna and Jenny come along. Two beautiful and talented Black women who have made a name for themselves singing K-Pop covers under the name “CocoAvenue”. When I came across their amazing cover of Jay Park’s ‘You Know’ I knew I needed to know more about the girls making history as the first all Black K-Pop group! How Social Media Brought Them Together Jenny, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, originally found Jenna, a Jacksonville native, through YouTube. Because both girls sang R&B K-Pop covers, are Black, and have similar names viewers often got them confused. “People thought we were the same person” Jenny amusedly explained. This Parent Trap type situation led Jenny to message Jenna and they began singing K-Pop covers together. But it wasn’t until Jenny posted a status update on Facebook saying “I want to start a K-Pop group”, that CocoAvenue was born. Six members later, the group started to record videos together. “In the beginning we had to ‘green screen’ each other together” explained Jenna, as she detailed how each girl lived in a different state, making rehearsing and recording extremely difficult. After time the six member group evolved into a duo but, unlike a few ex-members of Destiny’s Child, there’s no bad blood between the girls. “We all still support each other” the girls said of the past members of the group, “And we’re very passionate about what we do.” That passion is what led them to relocate together to the land of opportunity: Los Angeles.

My true love for K-Pop started in the summer of 2014. Someone I was following on Tumblr suddenly started posting pics and gifs of EXO's maknae Sehun. Of course, I was curious about this cute Asian boy and I needed to find out more. I did and the rest is history... However, my first official intro into the K-Pop world was when Girls' Generation released the English version of "The Boys" in America in 2011.