{WW} Waifu Wednesdays on Saturday

Hello, good people! The King of Romance here, and first let me apologize for my absence. there has been much discontent in my own personal kingdom of late, beginning a new economical stability program (a job), finding out that program isn't going to work on its own, stress and anxiety reign supreme and have taken it's toll on me. I can't spend as much effort or time in creating content here, nor can I continue growing and learning about all you fantastic people as often as I'd like, so my fantasy romance and fun ive been having here has had to become a non priority, which hurts and stresses me out all the more. But alas I don't mean to ramble on about my sad story, we are here for fun! And fun we shall have, I apologize secondly for my lateness but for the above mentioned reaons I couldn't get to WW on time. I, with a humble heart, do beseech your forgiveness. Purple is the most beautiful color in my opinion. It once upon a when was the rarest of all dyes, and so royalty would dawn it as a testament of their wealth and prowess, proving they could afford such a rare dye for their clothing. It's the color of our souls, and any good soul associated magic will always be a dark purple hue, and it just, speaks to me of rare power, subtly beauty, and sublime aesthetic wonder. I've selected five girls with purple hair that have struck me, and I'll highlight them. Kiyal Bachika, the youngest of the Black Sisters, from Gurren Lagann. Kiyal is cute, spunky, tenacious, and spiritied. She is pretty, got those sharp canines that I find irrisitable, and her lovely and long purple hair made me remember her. She was also the only Black Sister not to have any romance connections in Gurren Lagann, and so I think she'd make a fine princess of Romance ;) Blair, a.k.a The Witch Blair, the monster neko with crazy magical powers from Soul Eater.

{FTG} Why Do We Love Fairy Tail?

Hi everyone. Final day of the FTG prompt. First off, let me say how much I've enjoyed doing this with you all. I don't think, as pretty as my words can be, I am equipped at this time to express just how much growing and sharing with you all has meant to me. I am somewhat melancholy, at this ending of this challenge. I know there will be others, I know we will keep getting to know each other and express ourselves but still I'm a bit sad. I've also been watching Fairy Tail again and it's just, touching my heart so I'm somber and I started a new job so I'm exhausted from just the stress so it's an odd feeling I have and I don't currently have the capacity to deal with them like I normally do. I wanted to go all out on this card, you guys who have gotten to know me know I'm long winded and I wanted to really get into the depths of my love for this show but again, I just can't do it as well as I would normally so I'm going to keep it kind of short. I also want to get back to watching so call me selfish but, something I've learned while doing this with all of you is I still have a lot to learn, I'm still a long way back in the Fairyverse, and so a lot of the things I thought I knew I've been shown the error of my thinking, and anytime I think I have this show figured out it blows me away. I get so angry and filled with hate at all the clichΓ©s, the fanservice, the seemingly sexist overt sexualization of the girls, the got damn annoying immaturity of a lot of the characters who can't ever just say how they truly feel and so on, but how through the hate, there are these just, beyond beautiful moments that touch me like no show, anime, western, movie, you name it, like so few things ever have, that make me feel in ways I never thought possible. Fairy Tail has made me cry more times than I believe any one show ever has, it fills me with this, love and desire to express and this empathy that I thought only reserved for other humans, but what Fairy Tail makes me feel is more real than anything I've ever known in life. It's that roller coaster of ups and downs, that frustratingly beautiful mixture of stupid humor and beautiful expressions of love and friendship that is the most true reason why I love this show. It's shown me love I've only known for another, it makes me believe in people I've never met, it makes me believe in a world that might be pure fantasy but it's real to me. I love Fairy Tail for its deep and complex well rounded characters that lose and fail and have flaws but fight with all there hearts to be better, stronger, but ultimately to protect the people they love the most. I love it's stories, the way things happen to these people and the things they all have to do to overcome them, I love the tears and the magic, both the ones they possess as power but the magic in all of their hearts. I love the music and the colorful vibrant world brought to life through the imaginations of the creators and my own and all of us that make it our homes. I love you guys, that love it, that I've never met but share this beautiful world with me and support each other without even seeing each other with eyes. We see with our hearts, just like the people in Fairy Tail and the people that have created it. I've found some quotes in the top images, made me tear up just thinking about it all. About writing all this. about it being over, the FTG, about Fairy Tail being a world I'll never be able to be a part of in life, in spirit and heart and soul but it breaks me knowing I'll never know them or them me with a touch or a wave or a story. They'll just be in my heart. Kind of like all of you. Ah see what I've gone and done now. Rambled on and done exposed a deep truth. I have some more images below, of just touching moments that turn my heart into mush. In a good way though, I love to cry, and anything that can make me cry is a beatufiul thing. I love this show simply, because it's beautiful. What Lucy went through with losing Jude and Layla, it gets me so deep ever time Lucy cries I cry..Jellal's and Erza's moment in 154, that really got to me too. I kinda might have forgiven Jellal a little bit. He's suffering really bad and I just..don't know if I can hate him anymore. which is confusing because I thought I did. Another thing I love, I just can't figure this show out, they make me hate they make me love, it's because of Fairy Tail I know what "feels" is. A pain the feels so good to let out. Heaven in Hell on Earth. Tagging our mods: @Thatperson512 @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @AimeBolanos Tagging you guys I heart. @OtakuDemon10 @BlackoutZJ @AdamDean @assasingod @Silverfang @CreeTheOtaku @Colonellinguis @JessicaFerrier @LilianaZeferino @ShinigamiSan @JohnMcCullough @InVinsybll @TaehyungV @ReinShirai @NikolasSatterwh @Mikazuki1 @Yatosgirl @tayhar18920 @gabbycalzada @PASCUASIO @qveenknip @SimoneSanders @Lushisushi @IvanDiaz @LucyOfFairyTail @AshChrimson @NinjaMouse @NeckoNecko @TBird

{FTG} Stranded on an Island With!?

Hey there yall awesome otakus! Here we are Day 5, next to last for our awesome FTG challenge! Have you guys noticed how fast time flies when you're having a blast, creating and absorbing awesome content like this? I can hardly believe we have one more day before it's wrapped up! Today's super from prompt is asking us the age old question "if you were trapped on and island?" but with a much more awesome Fairy Tail twist! Who would we want to be trapped with? A lot of good cards out there already, with some awesome choices bur honestly being trapped with literally anyone from the show would be great, much better than being alone and certainly raises ones survivability without a doubt. I'm gonna give you my top pick with images and exposition. and then just give some honor mentions. TOP PICK: Fricken Panther Lily! Why him? Well I'll tell ya, he's from Edolas, a world where resources simply weren't abundant. He wasn't living low caste or anything, he was in the Guard and I'm sure didn't want for much but at the same time, I have no doubt he had to be resourceful in his own right. He's hardened by that experience, he'd be capable at helping build shelter, hunt for game and fish, and heavy lifting. He's got aero magic which is pretty much a game winner right there, even if he couldn't fly us all the way back home, he could move us island to island and I could set up shop while he's resting and regenerating magic power, so we could just hop island to island until we got back to civilization. Also, I think we'd get a long, he wouldn't antagonize me or drive me crazy (looking at you, Natsu), he wouldn't distract me or get me focused on the wrong thing (literally ever Fairy girl I'd get trapped with lol), Gajeel would be out looking for him which would be a bonus, and we wouldn't have to worry about talking a whole lot, like I wouldn't need to entertain me or me him, we could interact and get done what we needed to, bond some sure, but we could keep to ourselves too without going insane I think. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be trapped with a Fairy girl, and have like, romantic and tender moments but, tramatic incidents don't always lead to the most successful romances and I'd hate to start something out of loneliness and desperation only to have it degrade when we were found. Besides I don't know if any of the girls would like me and would want to be that close to me, certainly not when surviving and finding a way home should be our focus, not being lust minded or distracted lol. I'm a hopeless romantic I wouldn't ever, EVER force my feelings on anyone, ever, not even if my survival wasn't guaranteed or my feelings rejected. So imagine I'm with Erza, and I tell her, I have feelings for her and would like to get closer, that wouldn't be the time or place, she certainly wouldn't want to open up when we need to focus on getting out of there and she rejects me, now not only will be surviving and working as a team be more difficult, she'd never like me ever. And if I tried any funny business she'd kill me lol. So none of that would be an issue with Lily. Lol. Honors! Laxus, again wouldn't distract me, he can teleport with his lightning to find help and would be good for the basics, Hibiki, for his telepathy, and archive of useful info, Jellal, his survivability and he can fly, Loki, because he could pull us into the Celestial world and get help, Mirajane, mostly because she can fly ;), Cana, for her divination and communication, she'd be fun too, especially if we had some rum lol, and Lucy for her spirits, and smarts, Gajeel for his harshness, and Freed for his cooking and flying. Lots of others too. tagging mods:

{FTG} Favorite Edolas Character

Hey everybody! Day 4 of the FTG is upon us, and today's prompt asks us to highlight our favorite characters from Edolas! This was a really good arc and for those who haven't seen it, well your missing out and this is spoiler city lol. It was beyond entertaining to see all these different counterparts to all the characters we know and love, highlighting weaknesses and making them strengths and vice versa. Narrowing it down to only one was a bit of a challenge. Most of the participants beat me to getting there cards up and had some really great selections. I like to be original and highlight choices that are often underrated and more unpopular than the majority fan favorites. I don't try to let that override my actual honest to God choices of favorites and whom I select to highlight but it does influence it to a degree. I enjoy seeing others cards and who they pick and I like to pick choices that others dont. Call me OCD or a stickler for originality but it's partly true. If yall read my bio, it's something I mention there, I'm a lover of original content both in others and myself. However that doesn't mean I don't like popular choices any less! So what I'm going to do for this prompt is highlight my choice for favorite Edo character, tell you a bit about her and why I like her, and then give you my honorable mentions. To be quite honest I enjoyed most if not all the Edolas characters, and so "favorite" certainly doesn't imply best or better! Without further ado, my selection is: Coco! (No last name) She's officially the Assistant Chief of Staff in the Edolas royal staff. That actually makes her the third highest ranking member of Faust's cabinet, behind him and Byro. She's mostly a message courier, due to her fleet footedness. She's also tender and coy, submissive to the King and always willing to follow orders. That is until she realizes the Faust's lust for power and what he was willing to do for magical power for Edolas, which started with him disregarding Panther Lily's life. She was very close to Lily, their friendship is what made her disobey the King and help the Earth Land wizards. She also became quickly bonded to Lucy, and when Lucy stood up for her, it touched her so deeply it was the sweetest thing. And oh my god, when Faust attacked her, was going to take away the one thing she loved to do more than anything, running, I cried. Poor thing, but she kept running, to deny the King the chance to kill Lily and all the Exceeds. She has a pure heart, and despite being in bad situations, she always believes in what she's doing and fights for that belief. Her earth land counterpart was the same way, misguided but still, pure of heart and willing to disobey orders for the power of friendship. Shes so sweet. I love her, she's adorable, her looks are kind of like a puppy with her cute nose and big Brown eyes. This wasn't an easy pick but she came to mind almost immediately and so shes got my vote. Honorable Mentions! All these characters are awesome and deserve some mention! Edo Levy and team Shadow Gear

{FTG} Crack Ships *semi mature content*

Well, well, well, this is quite the interesting topic. Crack Ships I've never heard of before now, and it kinda breaks down preconceived notions of what we all know and accept as canon and appropriate and it makes you think. Also, there are just so many awesome fan arts out there, imaginative and lovely, some really interesting fan fics and just it gets crazy out there. I spent a lot of time reading up on our moderators views on Natsu and Erza especially and I'm now pretty much sold on that. So far my one and favored crack ship I'm gonna go with them. For a lot of reasons, but mainly because of the Tower of Heaven arc and what they went through together there, how serious and honest Natsu was, how emotionally significant they connected there. Also, the are warriors, they know how to communicate through fighting and challenge each other to be better. They also had potential if Jellal had remained villainous and Lisanna stayed in Edolas, to inspire each other to love and connected through loss. So yeah that's my one main choice. I'll post pics below. I got some honorable mentions that I found interesting or sexy, none of them are like, important or truly something I think should happen in the story. Natsu x Erza yeah I'd love to see that in story but all these others I mention are just for funsies the first gif, this moment.. seriously beautiful made me cry. It was touching in ways I just can't properly explain. I love the idea of them romantically envolved. Natsu hating Jellal "because you made Erza cry" inspires my hatred for Jellal and how emotional Natsu got about it, how serious he was. How he risked his life to save her, how he always inspires her. It's just, clear as crystal Nerza for life. I'm on board this ship with all my heart. Freed X Levy. There isn't a lot of fan art, fiction or support for this. I think they work as a BROTP ship more so than romantic. I like the idea though, two rune/letter magic users, they don't have a lot of moments except in terms of a more plutonic connection and I dig that. Also dig the idea of them romantically envolved as well. Not over Gajeel or anything just as funsies. Freed X Laxus Freed is such a fangirl die hard for Laxus. I mean he's obviously in love with him. They have a lot of sexual tense moments all the time. Lots of fan support and art for this one ;) I dig it. Lucy X Laxus. This I just find really sexy. They would be a good match too in my opinion. Lots of good fan art out there and I never considered them one time as a ship until doing research into FT crack ships. Laxus would have the maturity to handle Lucy's smarts and just damn they look really good together.
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{FTG} Favorite Non-Fairy Tail Guild Character *spoilers in comments* LOTS

There are some really amazing characters that aren't apart of our beloved Fairy Tail Guild, some are good guys, some are bad guys, some are good gone bad, bad gone good, and all in between. One of my favorite things about Fairy Tail is how many characters they introduce, both as main and supporting. Even minor characters have a huge impact on the story and are fully realized rounded story people. I'm challenging myself to only select one for our prompts as that seems to be the way they are worded and it makes you think a bit harder. I'm selecting, after much deliberation, Hibiki Lates, Hundred Nights Hibiki, member of the team Trimens, and the Blue Pegasus Guild. He's a good guy with some odd personality traits. He is originally a womanizer, shown to hit on and flirt with any girl he meets, without shame or reservation. However, when it gets down to it, he's actually very perceptive, intellegent, reserved and good hearted. Master Bob(who I also like a lot and enjoyed his oddities) trusts Hibiki as his right hand man, knowing that he can keep the other Trimens in line and do good work. Hibiki employs Archive Magic which is very unique and interesting. He can use telepathy, instant data transfer, making learning new spells a breeze, he can turn any data into magic and transfer and recall it through a magical computer display he creates. He can use it defensively and as supportive to more offensive mages. He was incredible when fighting with the other guilds in The Nirvana arc. He fought of corruption with his own willpower, was saved by his appreciation for the love Lucy and her spirits share for each other, and was even able to make Lucy more powerful with his data transfer abilities. He's a bit of a creep lol, but he's honest about it and deep down it masks a truly genuine guy, who I think might be afraid of being alone and rejected. He's handsome as hell too, a lot of girls want to join Blue Pegasus just for him lol. Honorable Mentions! Gotta highlight some love for others because come on with all these great people how can we not! Sho, Erza's childhood friend and like a little brother. He is sensitive, and kind, did bad things but under false pretenses and he has cool card magic. Such a sad story. Millianna, another slave along with Sho at the Tower of Heaven. She's a sweetheart, loves kitties, and her binding magic is not to be trifled with. She's gorgeous to boot. Simon, another one of the Tower of Heaven slaves and Erza's friend, he actually was in love with her, and never believed Jellal's lies about her. He was logical, reasonable, and had amazing mix of darkness and telepathy magic. *cries* this guy.. Grandpa Rob, another slave at Tower of Heaven, he actually taught Erza about magic, Fairy Tail, and saved her life. He was incredible, and his line "your beautiful smile was the only thing that got me through this wretched place" to Erza. ugh, feels *cries more* This guy....!