Fuzhou, China

At the start of my time in China I took a trip with a few friends to Fuzhou, China, as one of them has family there and was kind enough to invite us. Fuzhou is definitely not the most touristy city in China but we were shown a really great time by my friend's family. One of the day trips we made was to a local (and small) mountain. China is actually very, very mountainous, which is not good for farming but quite good for views and hiking. Forgive me, since I do not remember the name of the mountain– but I'm sure if you do find yourself in Fuzhou I could do some research. The mountain was very picturesque as were the views. Along the way were a number of buddhist prayer points, waterfalls, and stops to take pictures. I enjoy hiking, but the few hikes that I have done in Asia always involve stairs; it takes some of the organic feel out of the experience as well as KILLS your legs. I would love if they got rid of the ridiculous amount of stairs but it was still fun :) If you do plan on going to Fuzhou at all, definitely have a Chinese speaker with you. The language is a huge problem in China (if you don't speak Chinese), but I was able to get by with the little bit that I know in Shanghai. Outside of Shanghai, I was done for. Two of my close friends are Chinese so I have been able to manage, but if you don't you may run into some problems.
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