How Tiktok's Ban on MLM Content Benefits MLM Companies?

TikTok, the rising social media platform, updated their community guidelines at the end of 2020. One update that caught everyone's attention is their take on MLM. Under the section of Frauds and scams, TikTok declared that along with Ponzi and pyramid schemes, content that promotes multi-level marketing is also prohibited. This act has been applauded by many people. Surprisingly, the pro-MLM community is also supporting this company policy. This ban has helped the MLM industry to defend the good and prevent the bad. Let’s see how the TikTok ban is benefiting legit MLM companies. After the first wave of covid-19 spread, many governments imposed strict regulations which included restricting people from going out of their homes. This resulted in a substantial change in the lifestyle of people. One change is that they started spending more time on social media platforms. According to the 2020 July, Global Statshot reports more than half of the world’s total population now uses social media. This surge on social media made marketers focus more on social media platforms. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. were already used as a tool to influence people. Misleading information and false claims were always a threat to the MLM industry. How influencers market their products sometimes draws criticism. This will not always be intentional, however, the consequences it makes greatly impact the whole MLM industry. TikTok was one among many platforms where influencers market their products without any transparency. With this ban flow of misleading information and false claims can be prevented, which in turn only helps legit MLM companies who sell their products and services lawfully.
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How to Stay Competent With High-end Direct Sales Tools

Innovative technologies help businesses, even small entrepreneurs to stay competent on a global level. It helps to promote your products or services to prospects around the world and thus reach a large audience. Technologies such as automation reduce manual labor and save resources and time. Some efficient and sophisticated tools to make your direct selling business more profitable are, 1 - Distributor Training Suite - It proposes LMS ( Learning management system ), learning module management, learning tracking tools, video conferencing tools, dynamic knowledge base, content ( e-courses, training videos, images, schemes, and infographics, etc ) creation tools, and many more. 2 - Marketing Suite - It provides social media management tools, email marketing, marketing automation, ad banner, ad tracking tools, lead capture campaigns, a/b testing tools, referral marketing tools, affiliate marketing management tools, live chat, and more. 3 - Virtual Party Sales Prototype - It has party management tools, party admin/ host tools, guest management, sales management, inventory management, product tracking, and more. 4 - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - It includes prospecting tools, lead capture landing page, ad banners, social media marketing, email campaigning, lead funneling, time scheduling, lead activity log, contact management, mass communication, follow-up management, lead management, customer opportunity management, and many more.
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Advantages of Integrating Cryptocurrency with MLM

Cryptocurrency MLM software is an advanced platform that offers innovative features to market your crypto coin with a direct selling program. MLM has been a successful business model and marketing your cryptocurrency with this profitable marketing method will help to reach your crypto assets to large international markets and thus provide unmatched opportunities for revenue generation. MLM with cryptocurrency can overcome the inefficiencies in the conventional MLM model such as lack of transparency, delayed transactions, mutability, etc. Cryptocurrency MLM system, with decentralization at its core, overcomes these issues and gives distributors the self-assurance to invest in your MLM business with confidence. Efficient features offered on the platform are cryptocurrency exchange development, IEO and ICO marketing suite, token sales with ICO or IEO, direct selling or MLM program, cryptocurrency development, token development, and more. The platform supports all major crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, EOS, Binance Coin, Cardano, etc. Cryptocurrency exchange development helps businesses to start their own cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform as per the business requirements. Intelligent promotional tools on the platform will use multi level marketing or direct selling programs to promote your crypto coin to the right people. It allows developing unique and effective marketing strategies that help you build an engaged audience for your cryptocurrency or coins.
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Fast & Easy Rewards and Loyalty Programs Software

MLM Rewards and Loyalty Programs Software from Epixel is an innovative platform with advanced customer engagement programs, reward redemption features, promotional tools capabilities, and more. The platform has sophisticated features that ensure the growth of your brand and also make sure that your existing customers get back to your business. The platform includes high-end features such as loyalty program management tools, customizable reward configurations, real-time reward system, omnichannel loyalty programs, business analytics, personalized promotions, and more. Integrated with business intelligence, the system enables configuring your reward and loyalty program based on the distributor engagement. It also enables targeting your customers with the right and personalized reward programs at the right time. This will further improve the engagement rate and also increase the conversion rate. More distributors can be retained to the network by hooking them with attractive gamification programs with leaderboards, level-based rewards, customized referral bonuses, and much more. The platform is omnichannel meaning, it is capable of integrating all channels of your distributors, whether offline or online, whenever and wherever they interact with their network, any instant. The main highlights of Epixel MLM Rewards and Loyalty Programs Software are easy and quick set up, efficient affiliate tracking, easy and simple redeeming options, cloud-based reward system, advanced CRM, actionable insights, and much more.