Canadian Judge refuses to hear case of a Muslim woman because of her hijab

Canadian Judge Refuses To Hear Case Of A Muslim Woman Because Of Her Hijab A Quebec judge told the single mother that she was “not suitably dressed” for court. A Quebec judge told Rania El-Alloul that she would not hear her case in a Montreal courtroom unless she removed her hijab, CBC News reported. El-Alloul, a single mother of three boys, told CBC News that the first question Judge Eliana Marengo asked her in court was, “why are you putting this scarf on your head?” El-Alloul said she told the judge that she was a Muslim. In a court recording obtained by CBC News, the judge told El-Alloul: “In my opinion, the courtroom is a secular place and secular space. There are no religious symbols in this room, not on the walls and not on the persons.” Marengo cited a Quebec court regulation which states that a person in court must be “suitably dressed” and told El-Alloul she was not.