First day of semester

So for everyone in college it's the 1st or 2nd day of the spring semester. And, for everyone who has new classes where you don't know anyone picking a good seat sets the theme for the rest of the semester. That's why most of the time you pick a seat in the middle or back of the room that way you can not only claim that seat for the rest if the semester, but hopefully you also don't have to sit next to anyone you don't know. And, so you pick an island seat, or a seat with a space between you and the next person. The joy in finding a good seat where you don't have to sit next to anyone is unmatched. But that's where the happiness ends, especially when you don't get to keep your awesome seat, but have to give it to some slacker who came in late. This happened to me, I got to class at a decent time, but got an awesome seat where I didn't have to sit next to anyone I didn't know. So I'm sitting there minding my own business, when I'm asked if anyone is sitting next to me, and I'm thinking that "Well, I won't get a seat all to myself, but oh well" so I reply that there isn't anyone sitting there. To which I'm replied, "Well can you scoot over?" To which I want to be nice even though I don't want to move and I begrudgingly say "Ok fine" and I scoot over. I then realize that they not only got to the class late, but that there were plenty of open seats... But in the front row. Anyone else have classroom seating blues or are annoyed about your seat being taken or anything else, just comment below!