KDramaXclusive Chapter 1 pt. 1

Need to catch up? Here's the intro! Kayelynn's Perspective Why am I so nervous? Is it the plane? Or is it what happens when I get off the plane? I've done the whole college campus trip along the east coast on a bus; I've taken the ferry to Mackinac Island. I've even taken the train to Chicago where I stayed six weeks for college prep. So why is a plane different? Omo, it's moving, I'm going! It's going..... I think I'm going to be sick. After the flight took off it didn't seem as bad. I was booked on the 9am flight with a window seat. Everyone said I'd love the window seat.... I looked out the window and saw the city lights begin to fade away as we climbed above the clouds. I turned on some music and decided to take a nap. I was awaken after what seemed like five minutes by the stewardess telling me we were about to land. I looked out the window once again. Clouds, so close, so reachable, so mesmerizing. Wow. Oh look! So this is what the city of angels looks like. There weren't that many people on this flight so getting off was a breeze. My packet of directions from the contest said there would be a man waiting at claims holding a sign with my name. I headed towards baggage and immediately saw the man. He was the only one with a sign! I felt a little embarrassed as I walked up to him. I said hello and bowed my head slightly. He smiled back and grabbed my suitcase. When we reached outside there was a man in a suit holding open the door to the backseat. I looked at the man with a questionable look and he waved me towards the door. Wow.... this.... this is really happening. The car drove out of the city, I didn't really get to see too much of LA. But I wasn't too worried because the butterflies took away any disappointment. I couldn't help but wonder who I would meet first. All at once? One on one??!?? My mind filled with dramas and videos, and I started to imagine that I was in one. The car finally started to slow down. We must have driven about an hour. The car turned down what I thought was another road. It was the driveway!
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KDramaXclusive Intro

Kayelynn entered a KDramaXclusive contest, and won! Her prize? To work as an assistant to the director's assistant on KDramaXclusive's first movie production while they shoot here in the U.S. This is the story about one noona that won the greatest prize for any kdrama/kpop fan. Join along as you and Kayelynn meet BTS boys Jungkook and Jimin, Descendants of the Sun's Kim Min Seok, OK Taecyeon, Kim Woo Bin, Seo In Guk, and oppa Lee Phillip! This was Kayelynn's first time flying in an airplane. Her nerves were jumping all around her body; she didn't know if it was the flight or the fact that once she got off that plane she would be working alongside some of her favorite kpop and kdrama actors. She pulled out a copy of the congratulatory letter from the contest. The original was of course framed and hanged in her room to be worshipped. She's read it over a hundred times, but decided to read it once more before the flight. Dear Mιѕѕ Kayelynn, Congraтυlaтιonѕ! And тнanĸ yoυ ғor enтerιng oυr conтeѕт. Iт ιѕ wιтн greaт pleaѕυre тo нonor yoυ wιтн тнιѕ once ιn a lιғeтιмe eхperιence. KDraмaXclυѕιve ιѕ prodυcιng ιтѕ ғιrѕт ever draмa, and yoυ wιll вe along ғor тнe rιde. Pacĸ yoυr вagѕ! Yoυ wιll вe ғlyιng тo LA тo ѕpend one мonтн aѕѕιѕтιng тнe dιrecтor'ѕ aѕѕιѕтanт.... Lee Pнιllιp! Yoυ wιll alѕo geт тo aѕѕιѕт ѕoмe oғ тнe acтorѕ aѕ well! Wнo? Oĸay, we'll тell yoυ. In addιтιon тo Lee Pнιllιp, yoυ wιll alѕo вe aѕѕιѕтιng Jυngĸooĸ, Jιмιn, Kιм Mιn Seoĸ, OK Taecyeon, Kιм Woo Bιn, and......Seo In Gυĸ!
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