Have anyone of you heard of koreanfromzero? It is sooooo amazing and helpful! The book is about 25 dollars on amazon. And you don't even have to buy the book because the entire thing is online at koreanfromzero.com. It starts off with lessons A-G that are Korean reading and writing. Then it goes to lessons 1-17 that are a lot but like; Korean numbers, self introduction, colors, location, etc. The book is about 300+ pages long I personally bought the book because i wanted to fully commit to learning Korean and i do not regret it one bit. The book has little quizzes and places to practice how to write and practice hangul. i also use the website frequently because most of the words they read out loud to you so you can pronounce the phrases correctly, It is beyond helpful. I know most of you are probably already learning it another way but i just wanted to share what i was using. For anyone that does not yet have a way to learn Korean i BEYOND STONGLY suggest that you use this. and if your kinda iffy on of you want to use it just skim through the website its very easy to use! And there is also a second book coming out THIS MONTH, its said to come out on the 20th and is on pre-order in the uk. They have a facebook page and has a lot of information on there as well. I know for sure i am buying this book AS SOON as it comes out. I'M EXCITED!!!!! On a side note: They also have Japanesefromzero, There is 4 books for this one. I have not really looked into this book but i think japanese will be a next language i want to learn so these might be helpful.