Looking for People Around the World to Partner with!

I am looking for individuals anywhere in the world that want to tryout to be the #developers and partial owners of my platform. I have #designed my #platform so in depth and I am not a programmer at all. I can not construct my platform. I am looking for the team that wants to be apart of yhe technology that hasnt been developed yet. Following the structure of my design and developing your as your own boss will be amazing!! Please submit your portfolio links. If you do not like, share, and follow this post you will not be a valid submission. I am looking for graphic designers, programmers, anyone willing to learn on their own or through a educational portal. I need these people to want to get up each day, grind hard, play hard, and be respected like they deserve to be. Be the next generation technology and I need to find manufactorers that can make my personally engineered product designs. All Trademarked to my brand Scloud9 ScrezzyLouDLanD #ScrezzyLouD #LetsGetLouDR. If you are done of wasting your potential in a work enviornment you could take yourself out of to do stuff you love then send me your portfolios. Thank you- ScrezzyLouD❤✌