I Have Returned

Henlo tis I yourgirlwalugi and tonight on Top Gear James May cries over a broken piano, Hammond drowns in maple syrup and I annouce future plans for my Vingle account. Yes I am aware I have been gone from Vingle for a long ass time and it's way overdue to explain to my followers and such on here why I left and where I've been. The last time I was on Vingle I think was back in 2018. I remember I used to be on here all the time but I slowly just stopped. I joined tumblr and things got I guess more interesting? over there. I was still checking my notifs and reading cards from the people that had followed me and tagged me and such but eventually I just delted the app cause I never went on it. Tumblr is hell clearly and I even got my accounts terminated for some unknown reason for almost a week but I am back. I've written multple fanfics on tumblr that I think are better than the one I attempted here. I'm def improved in my writing. I'm working on revising my masterlist to get everything organized and that's where I'm at. I see that some people are still posting cards and things on here which I like to see but I will not be one of them. I do miss all the fun I used to have on this lil app. I just wanted to inform you all of what was going down and I feel I owe you guys an explaination/apology. If you guys would like to follow me on my other social media accounts and things I have an instagram which is yourgirlwaluigi (btw I'm not using the "at" sign cause I tried that while typing up this card and it borked like half the card by copy and pasting the same sentences over and over so ion how I'm supposed to tag the people I want without it doing the same thing but we'll see.) my twitter is smol_uwu with a bunch of emojis after so you can just search SerenaArthurs cause that's me, my snapchat is yourgirlwaluigi and finally if you are interested in following my tumblr account I have 3 now. My main is emeraldbabygirl, my other two are incorrect-underrated-groups and I shit you not, Hanses-cock-piercing. Fair warning, despite the username on my third account it is just a spam account for pictures I'm really using it as storage space at this point. Which may be the reason I was terminated anyway, another thing is I am a unhinged hoe on main so lots of nsfw tingz uwu. I apoligize for the "me" below that was me trying to tagged Melissa Garza and it wanted to type "meme" so I'll tag you all in the comments. Thank you for reading. me

Valentine’s Day Bias Challenge

WHAT’S POPPIN EVERYONE! your girl Waluigi! So I decided to do this and I’m racing against the clock, my battery and the chance the app could crash before I can finish so just get into it. Vixx: N Astro: Sanha

Where did they go?

Hey everyone. I have a question, as I was making a card today I was was looking throught tags and my collections and I noticed that there are some people that I haven't seen, like I haven't seen their cards. It may be because with the update it got rid of my follwers or maybe since I don't scroll through I'm not seeing them? I noticed it when I was going through the fanfics that I clipped. I only found person and it was @AegyoSoCute she changed her username. I'm wondering if maybe others change theirs as well and I just didn't know or if some users left Vingle? I know 2 people did. I was just wondering if anyone knew where some of the people went. I remember getting a noticfication awhile ago saying that AbbyRamey was back but I'm thinking she changed her name cause I tried searching for her and I can't find her. I feel like it's rude to say the names of these users but I've been wondering if they're still on Vingle. Another one was minthusiast and I remember there was a slayyoongi and a YoungRaviZiMon? I can try searching the names I remember to try and find them but I was just thinking maybe some of you guys might know? Another thing is I was wondering if there was a way I could have the fanfics I read maybe sent to me incase some more users leave, then I could read those fanfics whenever but that's okay if no one wants to. Maybe some people moved to Wattpad idk..anyway that was just something I was thinking about. I could tag the people that I still know are on here making cards and stuff @SugakookieV @GukkieMonster @SweetDuella @Lexxcisco @AegyoSoCute @BAPSBABY @CrookedShadow @AlexisJ15 @MelissaGarza @BBGD @amobts @Bangtanss @Xionheart @LemonLassie @sukkyongwanser Thanks for hearing me out, I know this isn't my usual fanfic being posted but I was just wondering.

New Fanfic

Wazz poppin everyone! It's your girl Waluigi. I said I would post this new fanfic on Saturday but I didn't get to it. Yesterday I watched the Super Bowl, only for the commercials tbh so I didn't get it posted yesterday either but I'm here now to post it. I thought I'd post it before I watch my show cause if I don't I'd push it to tomorrow. To make up for it I'll be posting the Astro oneshot that I made and then later this week I will work on chapter 3 of Dating a Beat Boxer. This fanfic was originally going to have just N but Ravi is in it too. I also have this fanfic that I made as kind of a 2-part project for school last year in my cartooning class and creative writing class that I want to post. It's got Vixx and Exo in it and I think it's kinda cool so I'll see if I can post it sometime on here. I did make some changes to this fanfic, for example I changed 2 weeks to 2 years because I felt one of the parts wouldn't make sense with the time period being only 2 weeks. This is the first fanfic I made so I thought it had to kind of be realistic but if the first chapter goes over well then I will try to make the second chapter better. I will say that there are some words and such. Nothing like smutt but a few curse words. You've been dating for two years now and the entertainment company has him working around the clock so you can only talk to him on his lunch break. One evening he calls you by surprise as you are getting ready for bed. "Hey hunny, how are you?" he asks. "I'm ok, I miss you." you tell him making some tea before bed.

Dating a Beat Boxer: some extra details

Wazz poppin everyone! It's your girl Waluigi. Today I will be posting extra details about the Dating a Beat Boxer fanfic. I'll be telling you what this fanfic is about and revealing a few of the characters as well as going into detail about the main character Willow. This card shouldn't be too long, I'm not going to explain all the characters mostly just giving some background on Willow, clearing up some confusion if there's any and defining some strange words so lets get started. Also if you have any further questions about some of this stuff I'd be happy to answer them. So our main character Willow is like the alternate universe version of me, kind of. When I thought of this idea for a fanfic I was thinking that I wouldn't find someone for me or it would be hard for me to find someone because of what I have. I have Tourettes which is..it's hard for me to explain lol, I have ticks which are movements or sounds that I make and for some people their tick is cursing so my most recent tick is a scoffing noise and it happens a lot at night, like from 5:30 to whatever time I go to bed and at times it gets to the point where I do it so much it hurts my chest and sometimes it can get hard to breathe which sound weird. Sometimes if I'm eating and I make that scoffing noise I'll choke espeicially when I eat carrots. I have a lot of ticks and so with each new one I get I write it down to keep track. Anyway, I was thinking 'what if I could turn my ticks into something positive' and so that's when I came up with the idea for this fanfic. So Willow does have ticks and Kelsey makes fun of her for them but then she meets someone who is into beat boxing, you know those dudes that makes noises for beats and stuff and he kind of works with her ticks and turns them into something that is positive and she doesn't have to be ashamed of them anymore. Does that kinda make sense. So that's what I wanted this fanfic to be and I thought it would be kind of interesting ya'know? So that's Willow. Willow has 2 friends Dawn and Caityln. I based them off of my friends, I had 2 friends in high school who were really supportive of me and we kinda became sisters, we were so close and one of them I went to grade school and middle school with and so Dawn and Caitlyn are the same. Kristen is Willow's girl crush and as you read in the first chapter she's a real sweetheart. Her boyfriend is the same, captian of the football team, really loyal to Kristen, gets along with everybody and so the person that stuck in my head while I was making the first chapter was Jin. Jin is just so lovable and precious and I thought he would be great for Kristen. Mark and Johnny I put in the second chapter, and they will show up a few more times, because I wanted some obnoxious dudes that are always getting into trouble to use. Not saying that they are like that in real life but they came to mind when I was making the second chapter. Mark and Johnny are actually really adorable and just goofy memes but I thought they would fit well for this story (and it is Mark and Johnny from NCT). I originally wanted to use BTS as the group of dudes that bumped into Willow in the hallway but for some reason I felt that I had to make the characters realistic and I don't know if any of the members of BTS do or did beat boxing? Turns out it's just a story so I could've used anyone but I also wanted to use a group that I haven't seen in fanfics, like Got7, BTS and Exo I've read lots of fanfic with those groups of members from those groups and so I wanted to use different groups. I was thinking Boys Republic as a second choice but then I thought 'hey I'll use this group' It's a newer group and a few of the members are under age I believe but THIS IS NOT A SMUT so it's okay plus the member that will be the beat boxer dude is older. (I don't know how much older though) I don't know the group very well so I'll have to get the names if I plan on using other members of that group as well but I love this member's rap in their new song and I thought he'd be good to use.

Dating a Beat Boxer Chapter 2

Wazz poppin everyone! It's your girl Waluigi. It's Saturday and that still counts as this week so I'm finally posting chapter 2 of Dating a Beat Boxer, like I said I would do. I actaully ended up rewriting the first chapter, I was gonna redo and keep it the way it was but I made a lot of changes. I will link that card below and all my new Jimbos can read that before chapter 2. Again there's words in this chapter, some of the language is more advanced? I guess I would say but don't worry there is no smut of any kind in this fanfic I REPEAT NO SMUT in this fanfic. If I ever do make a fanfic with smut though I won't post it on here..I might not post it anywhere. I'm only writing cute stuff here lol https://www.vingle.net/posts/2333559 Now we can get to the fun part, chapter 2 of Dating a Beatboxer. I hope you enjoy. "So," Dawn began, "who's the guy and are his friends cute?" We barely got to art class before the bell rang and the teacher just went over the lesson. Dawn and Caitlyn and I sit in the back of the second half of the art room. The school's huge so the art room is split into 2 sides. There's no assigned seating but all the girls sit in the back half while the boys sit in the front. Of couse there's always some girls that sit on the boys side. That's where Ms. Bitch and her friends sit. I don't mind because they aren't one my side but I feel bad for some of the guys especially Kristen's boyfriend. He has to sit at the same table as Ms. Bitch and Skittle because Kristen has to. I honestly don't know how Kristen found a guy like him, he's not only the captian of the football team but his artistic skills are incredible, better than mine. Not to mention his good looks and amazing voice, him and Kristen are both in choir and they have the best voices in the whole school. On top of all that he only looks at Kristen, he's extremely loyal and loves to brag about her to the rest of the football team. He's like the dream guy, everyone loves him, he's nice to everyone, him and Kristen are like the power couple of the school it's crazy. But like all people he has a dark side. Hes quite mysterious and scary sometimes. I mean he's kind like Kristen and has a beautiful smile like Kristen but his whole face can change when someone tries to flirt with Kristen. He protects her with his life and he's not afraid to threaten anyone who tries to hurt Kristen. He's the kind of person you actually don't want on his bad side. I wish more guys were like him though, the love they have for each other is coupe goals. Kristen is so lucky to have him and..well I'm sure you get it. "Earth to Willow, come in Willow" I blink and turn back to Dawn. "I swear I'm not in love" I said a bit louder than I wanted to. Knowing that some eyes were on me I lower my head.

Dating a Beat Boxer

Wazz poppin everyone? I decided to redo the first chapter of Dating a Beat Boxer because I figured it would be hard for my new Jimbos that I will be adding in the second chapter to read. I was just gonna leave it but it started to bug me so..yeah. I thought that there was a way to edit cards and add in the words that got cut off but I didn't find anything like that so I'm just gonna redo it. There are some words, they aren't like..really bad I guess but I didn't warn anyone last time so I'm doing it this time as a heads up. So here's chapter one again lol Tic-toc tic-toc tic-toc. The clock ticks by slowly. I tap my fingers on the desk waiting for class to go by. "Can you stop?" I turn to my right and stop tapping the desk. It's Kelsey or Ms. Popular as most of the school calls her or Ms. Bitch as my friends and I like to call her. It's not a very unique insult but I think it has a nice ring to it and she hates it more than Skittle Tit. That was the first nickname I had for her but that changed when I gave that nickname to her friend. I don't know Skittle Tit's real name and I could care less. A group of mean girls wouldn't be complete without a third member. and that member is Kristen. I don't have a nickname for her though. I don't know if it's because she's not mean or if it's because I can't bring myself to give her a insulting nickname because I have a small crush on her. She hangs out with Ms. Bitch and Skittle Tit but she's nice to me. She's nice to everyone actually, she even has a boyfriend who is nice and that's surprising because he's captain of the football team and I would think captians of football teams are mean. He's different though. I don't know why Kristen would want to be Kelsey's friend I mean Kelsey insults everyone and most of the student body still calls her Ms. Popular. Maybe it's because everyone is afraid of her. I'm not though, I hate her and I'm sure there's some students here that feel the same way. I guess Kristen hangs out with Kelsey because they've known each other forever. They grew up together so Kristen probably feels like she has to stay by her side. She wouldn't lose anything if Kristen left though, I mean Skittle Tit is closer with Kelsey than Kristen is so I don't know why she stays with Kelsey. Although Kelsey's dad is the principal so she'd probably find a way to have Kristen's boyfriend kicked off the football team. I guess that's why everyone is afraid of Kelsey. She could probably make something up if someone upset her and her dad would suspend or expell that student. Sounds like one of those cheesy teen movies that I used to watch a lot as a kid. You know the ones where there's an ugly girl and a group of mean girls and a guy that the ugly girl falls for but the mean girls try to prevent her from ever being with him. Sometimes I feel like I'm in one of those cheesy teen movies except the ugly girls in the movies are actually pretty. If this was a cheesy teen movie I wouldn't get the guy. I would be too ugly plus I don't even know who this guy is, this Mr. Popular. I would think Mr. Popular would be with Ms. Popular but Kristen has had so many boyfriends over the years I don't think anyone wants to be with her. I'd say my life it closer to Mean Girls..I think except, Kelsey is like 15 times worse than Regina George. I wouldn't mind her getting hit by a bus though. "Mrs. Park, is everything alright?" I lift my head up to meet the teacher's eyes trying to re-focus. I must of been daydreaming. I do that a lot but this is the first time I've been called out on it.


(Get it? Cause my last card was Ketchup..maybe I should make a card called Pickles?) Anyway wazz poppin everyone! It's your girl, Waluigi and I have some announcments. Before I start though in this card I will be tagging many of you. I will explain later on. My first annoucment is I finally caught up on all my Vingle notifications! YEEEEEE!!! I had 18 pages of emails, between 850 and 900 emails for Vingle. I was over 6 months behind but on Sunday I decided to get something done and so I'm here today, 5 days later to say I'm all caught up! I technically caught up early this morning at around 1:30 but up until now I've been watching the videos on all the cards that I put in my save for later collection. That was and still is a small problem though because I read the cards and if there's videos on them I will save that card for later but later never comes. So even though I watched a lot of the videos there is still more videos in cards that I need to watch. My second announcment is since I caught up on all the cards now, you guys can start tagging me again. Hopefully I won't fall behind like I did last time. I swear I had a system, read the cards from that day and do that everyday cards come out but that fell through so I will try my best to not fall behind again. Now for the confusing part. I wanted to celebrate me catching up on cards and so I decided I'd put out my second chapter of Dating A Beatboxer. A fanfic that I started awhile ago. It's not very good but I can put the link to the first chapter in this card and in the next card if any of my senpais want to read it. Yes, I have many senpais because I think of you all as another family, my kpop family. Anyway, I tagged most of you so that you will know that you can start tagging me again and there's a few of you that I'm tagging because you might want to know when I will post the second chapter. If it sounds confusing I'm sorry, it's kind of hard to explain. (Btw I might edit the first chapter because when I made the card on my phone it cut off words and sentences and the spacing got weird so it might not make sense and may be hard to follow so I might fix that. I will be making chapter two on my computer though so it shouldn't be confusing). Halfway through this card I realized that I'm starting to make less sense then when I started but stay with me. I will probably post the second chapter sometime next week. I'm not going to be making cards as a usual thing because 1 I'm not good at it and 2 I enjoy your guys' cards and that's why I'm here, for your cards. I do want to post this one fanfic on here and see how it goes and like I said a few cards back maybe a few random ones here and there but I don't have the power to bust out cards left and right like you guys do so that won't be a usual thing for me. So a recap for anyone that might've got confused cause I did, I'm tagging 2 groups of people. One group is for the people that tag me in their cards and the second group is the people that read my fanfics, or will read them. Y'all are free to read my fanfic if you want but I thought it would be eaiser to make one card and address all of you instead of making one card for each group.