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Attorney Ben Crump is one of the most prominent civil rights attorneys in the United States. He has been a leader in fighting for justice and equality, especially when it comes to racial injustice. His work has gained national attention as he continues to fight for those who have been wronged by oppressive systems, both nationally and internationally – attorney ben crump net worth Crump’s career began as an Assistant State Attorney in Florida before going on to become a partner at Parks & Crump LLC., where he specialized primarily on civil rights cases involving police misconduct and wrongful death claims related to race discrimination or bias-motivated violence. Since then, his practice has grown into one of the largest law firms specializing exclusively on civil rights issues throughout America with offices located across multiple states including Florida, Georgia, Mississippi Alabama Tennessee Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Indiana Ohio Kentucky Michigan California Arizona Nevada New York Washington D C Maryland Texas Illinois Massachusetts Wisconsin Louisiana Minnesota Iowa Nebraska Arkansas Oklahoma Missouri Kansas Colorado Wyoming Montana Idaho Utah Oregon Hawaii Alaska Puerto Rico Virgin Islands Guam American Samoa Northern Mariana Islands Palau Marshall Islands Federated States Of Micronesia Republic Of The Marshall Islands Wake Island Johnston Atoll Midway Island Jarvis Island Baker Howland Kingman Reef Navassa Isla Desecheo Monito Culebra Vieques Puerto Rico Mainland U S A Canada Mexico Jamaica Haiti Dominican Republic El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Venezuela Colombia Ecuador Peru Bolivia Paraguay Uruguay Argentina Chile Antarctica.