HELLO My Creative Bunnies!!!! We are here with some GUIDELINES. I'm about 100% sure that no one in this community knows the guidelines but thats okay because I SilenentARMY will show you the way--------------> PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES CAREFULLY!!!! 1. Relevent Cards ONLY: what this means is that first when you post a card make sure you put in the tag #photography that has to do with Photography in some way. IF THIS RULE IS NOT FOLLOWED YOUR CARD WILL BE DELETED!! PLS make sure your card as a creative title why because who would click on a card that has a boring title. AT LEAST 1 PHOTOGRAPH. 2. BAD LANGUAGE AND BULYLING: Please do not have any explict langauge because in this community there might be kids under the ages of 14. Not only that but this a friendly community that takes bulling as a no no and bad language as a no no. If bullying or Explict language is found you will be reported or removed. *If we do not get there in time to stop the bullying, harassing, ect please let us know and we will do everything in our abilties to stop that person. ;) 3. TRIGGER WARNING: If your photography includes anything with sentive material or +19 pls title it as TRIGGER WARNING. If this rule is not followed you will be removed with no questions asked. 4. Language: All cards must be in English. If the card is not in English I am sorry to say this but it will be taken down. So if you speak a different language use google translate so your work does not get taken down.