I Have A Crush on My Best Friend | K.N.J FF

prologue As I walked into our favorite bar I saw you for the first time after what seemed like forever. But in reality it had been 2 maybe 3 years since the last time I saw you. You looked so different yet still the same like if nothing had changed about you, like if it was just yesterday when I saw you with her. Her. The one you had said that made you feel things that no one had ever made you feel. Things that I was never able to make you feel. You looked happy, smiling and joking with the people you were with. I saw you looking at me because I had been standing in front of the main entrance for a while now looking at you and only you. But….You didn’t look twice and it hurt. It hurt like hell; I felt my heart breaking once again. Making me realized I hadn’t forgotten about you and all the feeling I had buried were so much alive and stronger than ever but it looked like I was just a forgotten memory from the past. Now I wish I had stayed home, wishing we never met not now not ever because you’re someone that’s too hard to forget. I wish I was able to move on from you but I can’t and it pains me because while you looked happy and loving life like no tomorrow. I on the other hand I'm not happy I hadn’t been since that night when I saw you with her and you turn your back on me. But I can’t help but to sometime wonder if you could love me the same way I loved you. If I had asked to stay with me and tell me that you love me. But that’s a dream that will always be just that a dream that no matter how much I chase after it, it will never be my reality. I had asked for a table with a window view just like the way we used to sit in our young years when everything was just about us and only us. When no else mattered but us. I asked for a table far from you, looking out the window with a glass whiskey in hand looking at the people passing by. Couples loving each other, tired but happy to be with the ones they love. I wonder how it feels to be happy to be ok with the one that you love and that loves you back. To not feel like dying. I can’t with this anymore the pain, the hurt it’s just too mush that’s slowly eating me. I'm losing myself
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flower boy next door chapter 5

Y/N POV It's been a really long week for me. After I left his apartment I came down with a really bad cold so I've been stuck in my room for a whole week. I don't mind because it means I get to miss work and I don't have to see him. I mean how can I, after I ran out of his apartment like that I don't know how to face him. I never got the chance to tell him I loved him and now I never will since he's getting married. I've completely lost my one chance for happiness. And to be honest I don't think I'll ever get one again. Who's ever going to love a girl like me. No one that's who. Since I've been sick jimin has been hanging around me more with the excuse that unnie told him to keep an eye on me. But I guess having him around is better than being all by myself letting my thought get to me. “So porridge or chicken soup. Pick one already or I'm leaving” said jimin starting to get annoyed “You can leave I don't need anyone to look after me. I can make my own food so don't worry and just leave and if unnie asks I'll tell her that you had an emergency and you had to go” I said trying to get up but fain and instead falling but jimin caught me before I could land on the floor. “Aigoo, how in the world do you think I'll leave you here alone when you can't even stand up without falling huh? Just wait here I'll make something real quick for you to eat. But just a heads up I'm not really good cook but I'll try my best ok” he said putting me down on my bed “now wait here I'll be back with your food. So try to rest until the food is ready ok”
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