Christmas Shirts For the Family - Best Sellers and Even Clearance Items For Pictures This Holiday Season

Over the years we have actually put a lot of time in on what are the best Christmas shirts for the family and this includes not just mom, dad, bother and sister but also for any extended family members that you may want to add to the group. Here are a few of the top sellers every year and one that we think will be really big this year. Griswold Family Christmas Shirts are without a doubt at the very top. Chevy Chase is a legend in our house and my family can all agree that every year we update the picture with the Christmas Tree on Top of the Car Shirt. Now we do others as well but every year all 22 of us put on these - we prefer the red - Christmas Family Vacation with the Tree On the Station Wagon and we take the picture - all looking exremely happy to do this tradition over and over. These are available in baby onesies, toddler tees, youth sizes and adult sizes all the way up to 3x, 4x and 5x unisez sizes. Red and Green are the color choices. https://www.southernsistersdesigns.com/griswold-family-christmas-t-shirt/ 2nd Best Seller Are The Grinch Family Shirts for Christmas Pictures. Stink Stank Stunk and Cindy Lou are what you know about the Grinch. He Tried To Steal Christmas and we read that same book every year to the kids and grand kids but right before we do the entire family puts on our Grinch Tee Shirts and takes annual Christmas Christmas pics. And of course we post them every where. Some of us wear our pajamas but we all have the green shirts on with the Stockings hanging from the chimney in the background. https://www.southernsistersdesigns.com/christmas-items/

When It Comes To Bridal Underwear, Thongs and Different Panties This Is All You Need. Click Here To See Them!

https://www.southernsistersdesigns.com/just-married/ Here are just a few of the top sellers that we offer at Southern Sisters Bridal U Bridal underwear is a tradition and you need something that she and he will remember. These are a couple of the top sellers. We also have those that you can add custom text or new names on these panties and thogs with the names for the New Mrs being one of our top sellers. These typically ship within 1 to 2 business days and they ship from the USA. Yep, we print them right here in the Southern Part of the United States! Honeymoon outfits or shall we say bridal panties for the remainder of the honeymoon also need to have a little thought put into it. Wedding panties, thongs for the bride are a tradition so make sure to get her something that will make a memory that will last.

What is The Best Clarifying Shampoo for Oily Scalp and Build Up

When it comes to claryfing shampoos they are not all creatd equally. It is important to note that most manufacturers really just beef up the surfactants - which are the harsh cleansers in shampoos and try to strip everything out of the hair. However, there are two main problems with this approach to cleansing the scalp. Problem 1: When you add much more harsh surfactants to strip the hair you nd up stripping the moisture layer - the protective layer on the outter part of the hai and more importantly the scalp as well. This is important because when you destroy the lipid barrier on the scalp the problem is that now fungus, germs, mites, bacteria can now easily penetrate into the scalp skin. This is a major problem. You will also spend quite some time trying to rebuild the lipid barrier that is on the hair. Problem 2: You do nothing to deep cleanse the hair root which is exactly what you need to be doing. The build up inside the hair follicle and around the root is what clogs the hair follicles and often become hardened sebum also referred to as sebum plugs on the scalp. These can be vey difficult to get rid of and the harsh surfactant clarifying shampoos on the market do not work. Zincplex is known for being much more than a clarifying shampoo for oily hair. It is a complete detox shampoo that removes buildup at the root level. This is why the result is much healthier hair and not dry limp hair that has to be repaired. " I have buildup on my scalp that is often times white and waxy but also is like a yellow dandruff at times and can be very hard and crusty. It literally happens al over my head - what is going on? You have over active sebum glands. This is impotant to know because if you do not cleanse this buildup away you will start to have a lot of problems down the road and sometimes sooner. This can happen to both men and women and to be honest anybody that has reached the puberty stage in life especially teens since the hormones are popping and the oils are really flowing. But remember that the crusty buildup means that there is probably something else going on like an excess scalp fungus that can be associated with itching and flaking and also the white eaxy build up that you referred to. Our product suggestion is Zincplex - preferably the Extra Strength Version and is found on Amazon or several other websites like Zincplex.c