How To Keep A Mummy Review

Hi Everyone, Just finished the first three episodes on this anime. So here comes my take on it. Please feel free to comment on it or ask to be tagged for future reviews. And we're off. The Story so far is of this Boy who receives a package from his dad, who's currently been away for three months in Egypt. Inside this package is a large coffin/casket which contains...a large mummy, wrong. The mummy is incredibly tiny and irresistibly adorable. Apparently in this anime world, living mummies are ok and somewhat acceptable, there isn't really much detail on how the mummy is alive, the only thing we have to go off of is the fact that the boy's dad has sent him other sentient beings before. I would like to know more about this world and why things are the way they are, but for now I'll just enjoy this cuteness ride with the tiny mummy trying to perform normal human tasks. (One *) How about the Fan Service (Expected Material used to please the audience). Well, what fan service? Is there any? Is any needed? I only can think of the mummy having hearts and flowers pop out from around it when it's happy, or getting those blue squiggly lines on the head when scared, or the water running down the face when crying. Those are all expected things from and anime with creatures that are portrayed as adorable and cute, so I guess those things could be the fan service of this anime. I think it might be, let me know if you think something else could be fan service. For now I'm going to go ahead and say that it is for this show and leave it at that, cute flowers all around. (One *) I didn't see any character development in terms of normal getting out of your comfort zone and trying something different. In the first episode when the boy first meets the mummy he's scared of it because of all the previous things his dad has sent him, so he's very cautious at first. Then he starts to realize that this mummy is different, so he changes hit attitude towards the mummy and names it. You could call that just about the only character development in the show (unless you want to count what his sister does with glasses on versus without them on as character development too), but I think this anime will follow suit with How to Train Your Dragon a bit and show more character development towards the middle to end of the anime, after we've learned a bit more about this world and it's creatures. (3/4 *) Genre is Fantasy and Comedy per Crunchyroll. Well that's for sure, wouldn't really call a living mummy anything other than fantasy. The Humor in this is really funny when the mummy is scared of something or tries to do stuff. It's not laugh your socks off funny, it's more of a that's so cute and adorable funny (there seems to be a lot of cute simulcasts this season). All-In-All I would say this actions of this living mummy are beyond cute and funny, definitely fits the genre. (One *)

School Babysitters Review

How's It Going Everyone, The next review is on School Babysitters. Same old-Same old with the rating system. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. And Here We Go! The Story is about this guy and his little brother moving into a new home and school with a babysitting club, daycare system, for the teacher's children. The main character is forced to become part of this club and watch the children whenever he has break periods between classes, and after school while the teachers are conducting work. The story is easy to understand and makes sense. I'd rather not say the reason why they had to move because it's a real tear jerker, and helps emphasize character development. The story is funny, cute, engaging, relatable (for me anyways), and heartwarming. I want more, and I don't want to wait a week for each episode. (One *) The Character's are just amazing in how they act with each other, especially the children. The school goers are also conflicted and play their own major roles in this anime too. I love how the children develop into friends and how they start to figure out who they are and what they want. The school kids also show development by changing themselves emotionally when they're around the children, wether or not it was caused by the children. This only shows that there's going to be a lot of conflict and resolutions between the characters in this show and I'm already anticipating some characters more than others. (One *) Genre wise, Crunchyroll hasn't categorized it at all. I would put it under Comedy for sure, with a bit of Slice-Of-Life elements. This show is just one funny scene after the next, with the Slice-Of-Life style heartwarming scenes intermixed. This anime fits perfectly into those two Genre and if any of you have any other genre that you think this anime would fit into, please comment about it below. (One *) Next we have Fan Service (I'm defining this word every time to avoid comments on it, it's expected material inserted into a piece of fiction to please the audience). The main Fan Service in this anime is the over-exertion of emotions. Of course this is to be expected with little children which are just cute balls of emotion. This leads to the adorable manga three pupil eyes and the large manga eyes, and a ton of crying, but it's cute crying. And there's a Nose Bleeder in this too, but his nose doesn't bleed for what you'd expect, which makes it all the more hilarious. (One *)

Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-san Review

Hello Everyone, It's review time! Same rules apply: five categories for a five star rating. Please feel free to comment on whether or not you agree with my reviews (this one or others), or on what you like or dont like about it. I'm trying to get people to watch more current anime, and get them talking about them. Well without further delay, let us begin. First up, Genre. Crunchyroll puts this in the category of romance and comedy, and boy is it funny. The main character is the laughing stock of the show for sure. There are other characters that come up and add their own bit of humor to the mix as well, but the main attraction is the main character and the girl that he sits next to in class. The romance is obvious if you've ever seen a romance anime, and the main character can't tell that the girl likes him, as usual. The build up of the romance is slow though, and subtle hints are dropped by the female lead. All-in-all I think it shows potential and will get really good once the main character figures everything out, but so far, he hasn't. (One *) Next up, Story. This anime pulls out the mini episode strategy kind of like Tsundere Children, except the episodes are a full 24 min. each. In these short stories we have the main two characters story, and then we have the short comedic relief of three girls from the same class doing their own thing (unconnected to the main two characters). That being said, the main story is slow going, we have the main character and the main female character throughout most of the anime. It's mostly about her picking on him because she likes him, but he isn't smart enough to realize it because he just wants to tease her back. This makes it easier for her to tease him even more, creating an endless cycle of teasing and not being able to tease back. I like that the romantic interest of the female character towards the main character is subtle, because then once the main character puts all the hints together he'll start to realize that he actually likes her too. While the story is slow, it shows a lot of potential. (One *) With that comes Character Development. There's a little bit. being that each episode is actually a series of mini episodes, it's rather hard to see character development grow between the mini episodes. It's present when the main character tries ignoring the girl that's always teasing him (which doesn't last long) since it shows a different part of him, like he's giving up. Also, there's character development whenever the female character drops her subtle hints that she likes the main character, because it shows that she is into him past just her teasing. I hope they show more development between the main two characters, I mean it's a romance after all so there will be development, just how long. (3/4 *) How about some Animation Style. It looks a bit too cartoon-like for my taste, but I got over that real quick the more I watched. It suites the theme of cute and funny childhood romance. There isn't really much to say about it other than I would have liked it to be a bit better, but it's not the end of the world to me. They're doing something different and that's okay too, I think it's working for them. (3/4 *)

Laid-Back Camp Review

Hello Everyone, Next review is of Laid-Back Camp. Same rules as before, five areas of critic resulting in more watches or drops. So, starting off with Character development, I felt as if it's really slow. All major characters are revealed in the first two episodes, and the main character doesn't really grow much by the end of the third episode, if any growth. It feels like the show is taking it's time developing characters, but there isn't much conflict other than the main character just wants to be alone. Hopefully the characters grow more. (1/2 *) Next we have Fan Service (again not always ecchi, even though that's the most common type. It is defined as any expected material inserted to please the audience). There isn't much other than the secondary character getting three to four lumps on her head when hit by her sister, or her eyes turning full white when something bad happens to her. This is perfect fan service for this anime genre, it's about camping and outdoor activities, so having fan service other than the characters growing lumps out of their heads when hit to apply comedy, which is always funny, is best. Also, the girls act cute too. (One *) Genre time. Crunchyroll calls it slice-of-life/adventure anime. I camp once or twice a year so I can relate to it being an Adventure. But it doesn't seem like a traditional slice-of-life anime. I see more in depth story when I watch a slice-of-life anime than I do in this one. I still think it fits in a way to the advertised genre, but would also throw comedy into it. (3/4 *) Story time around the campfire, except the story is, as I said before, very slow. Almost gives off the same feeling as "Restaurant To Another World" since the anime feels like there is no story. Just a girl going camping, runs into another girl, that in turn, becomes inspired to camp more too. Kind of bland, but the story feels like it's building up to where they all camp together. Still looks like it has potential. (1/2 *)

A Place Further Than The Universe

Hello Everyone, It's review time. I watched three episodes of this new simulcast and here's what I think about it. I'm rating it based on: character development, artistic style, fan service (whether or not it's needed), genre, and story. Each category will be given a star for a total of a five star rating. I want others that have watched it to talk about it here, whether or not you agree with me is totally okay too. Let me know what you're thinking about this anime it the comments. Enjoy! The Story is about a high school girl that is trying to do something radical and go on an adventure to make her life seem less boring. She meets another girl that is planning to go on a trip to Antarctica. The two start to work harder and harder on their plan and eventually rope two other girls into their trip, that want to go. I think the story is cool and may offer some interesting twists about certain characters. (One *) The Character Development is nice as well as introducing at least one new character per episode adds to the story. The different relationships shown between each character also shows how each character can progress throughout the show. I think that each character has their own conflict that they need to resolve, and the show makes it pretty clear how each character is planning to resolve their own problmes. Definitely makes me want to see how they do it (One *) The Fan Service ("material used to please the audience" is the definition I'm going with, it's not always about ecchi) in this is just mainly the fact that the girls are extremely cute. Yes, they zoom in on the boobs a bit, but it doesnt really detract from the story. I think the main fan service in this is just the fact that they're cute high school girls, and nothing more. I don't think I'd like more boob shots because it would make the anime feel too sexual, and it's really just about cute girls going on an adventure. (One *) With that over we might as well get into the Genre which Crunchyroll coins it as an Adventure anime. Does it for as an adventure type anime? Absolutely! It may not be your typical fantasy adventure, but it is an adventure none the less. (One *)