Expectations are partners to our emotional natures. Even in stillness and silence, they swim around on the surface of our subconscious mind, inspiring us toward lines of thought which feed our fantasies, our fears, and our imaginations. Unfortunately, these are also the roots of consciousness and thought, even though they stand in complete opposition to logic and reason, thereby creating the inherent differentials that allow our minds to grow and change allowing individuals to evolve into the myriad of special and unique beings that we become. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realms of performance (on any scale), and in the theatre of the emotion we call love. Desire exists perpendicular to these concepts, and is a primal vertical logic designed to be used as a springboard into experiences that open up opportunity to experience and mature in our ultimate relationship with acceptance, without which true love cannot grow into true virtue... (which, like a sick game of Chutes & Ladders, will drop us back into our primordial expectations at the first window of opportunity). *BUT* as conscious beings, we have a choice whether to be swallowed up and consumed by them, or greeting the hardship as a new opportunity for self-understanding and self-mastery. Next time you are alone with your own thoughts, take a moment and take stock of your expectations of... well, everything. Think (no matter how our emotions seek to overwhelm your thoughts) about how Acceptance can be applied to them in various ways; namely, how to broaden your definitions of acceptance and how to broaden it's application and use. Patience and tolerance are more than mere virtues. Sometimes they are traits necessary for survival, but other times they can block us from developing in ways that may help us move forward. But move forward we must...

So... How's everyone enjoying life?

Now, for a moment (all you girls wanting to score with one of those guys who will take you to the moon, and that you're going to find him online), pretend that you're going to end up with one of these two guys... Now, the current (seemingly eternal) social norm would encourage you to go for the guy on the left... After all, he's got power/clout. He's "well-connected", and you'll have all the $$$ you'll ever need... (he's obviously "too much lovin'" for you, but you can leave him to his hookers and you can always go out 'on the side' w/ any boy toys you can scoop up. But the poor slave on the right? He's got nothin' but dreams & pocket lint, and it's clear that that's all he'll ever be *allowed* to have. If you're lucky, you'll end up in a half decent house under a mountain of bills, and if unlucky, you'll end up in a trailer park w/ a box of wine wondering wtf happened to your life... Now, don't get me wrong; after all, a girl's got to get their hustle on - for the sake of the kids - I get that. Get the best guy you can, girl... But the problem is, life changes; circumstances change. People change (you or them)... So... why don't "social norms"? Why do people keep getting wrapped up in "the right guy" or "Mr. Just Fornow"... Why are people constantly being besieged by the cultural facists who are obviously clueless to what's actually happening (regardless of how big their security/surveillance systems are)? All I can say is that there seems to be an endless supply of carrots, but we're running out of jackasses (on both sexes) who care... (they've learned the carrots are all rotten).