Bear 5th Gens/ Boss Hawgs Review!

Hey guys an gals! Have not been around much been some what busy but here is some reveiws for ya! Alright my Bear 5th Gens Ive had for a minute now, but after riding them on a few decks an a couple sets of them. Well I can tell you Bear did it, yeah they did it good. The old 552s are awesome an I still have an love the two sets I have but these 5th Gens are noticably cleaner. Oh an a bit l lighter! Woop, woop lighter for them trick n shiz! So all round if youre lookin for a good all round truck Ima go ahead an say grab a set of Bear 5th Gens, they got yo back! Boss Hawgs from obvisouly Hawgs Wheels. They are nice, very smooth center set an predictable wheel. Not what I thought I was buying but still rather pleased. Ive yet to take these past 30 or so but I can say Ive done 30 an a lot of tech slides an tricks. The center set is great for getting techy. They are small enough to keep you light an to throw around, but big enough to get you over the small cracks an small pot holes. I live in Michigan an ride tail for a reason. All in all Id say theyre a good 7 outta 10. This might change, either way after some real speed but thats where Im at now. Hope yall liked the read, hope I helped someone out, and hope you put your damn phone down an go skate now.