Sunday was quite a day...

Yesterday, of course, was the concert we were all anticipating. I went with one friend, @feifei, and we were on a series of trains and buses for a total of 8 hours, 12 minutes (according to the schedules) Here's a little breakdown of my day if anyone is interested! (Which you should be because it's BIGBANG!) We left around nine AM on the first train, and then got on a bus in Bakersfield to go through the mountains. Then on ANOTHER train from LA to Anaheim. We kinda got there right in time because right after we got in line, a toooon of people came right after us. I met some really nice people in line and in the stands (who I have no way of finding ever again lol). The concert had a great set list, including a couple I wasn't expecting (Stupid Liar and Crooked). The picture above is FeiFei's and my thumb (mine and FeiFei's?) right after TOP did it to the crowd the first time. They opened with Bang Bang Bang, and then they each spoke for a minute. I like started tearing up because I could literally see them and each of their faces in person. And not on a computer screen. I'm sure there are other stories about the concert, so I'll just leave it as: it was FANTASTIC, BABY! (Because that's what they closed with. Technically. Read next paragraph lol) Feifei and I had to leave early (right before any encores) in order to catch the last train back home. So we literally did the exact same traveling, but this time in reverse, and in the middle of the night. We got back in town at 7:49 AM this morning, and I had 11 minutes to report to first period. That was awful. Needless to say, I was late for Econ, and as im typing this, I'm a little dead on the inside.
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Monsta X - Am I... Interested??

First of all, I haven't posted anything in a long time! It's been like almost a month. So I sincerely apologize because senior year and college apps are like THE most stressful thing I've ever done. But I figured I need to post SOMETHING. So here it is! I came across a card on Vingle a couple days ago about this group that I had never heard of before - Monsta X. So I was like, of course I'll watch these videos! This group was formed as a result of the program "No Mercy." (I mean I googled that because I'm new. Who knows, Google may be lying). After just two songs I was hooked. They're more of a rap group than typical Kpop. I think of like Block B as being similar (except "Her" of course hahaha). I've only just started admiring them, and I'm sure my obsession will take off, just like how it did with Block B a little over a month ago. I don't know any of their names yet, but it will come! Give me time and I will be a... I don't even know if they have an official fanbase yet because they just debuted this year.