Ohno Satoshi's New Drama!!!!

Ohno Satoshi, leader of band Arashi, has been cast in this drama called Soekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi or The Most Difficult Love in The World. The first episode premiered April 13th and so far has had nothing but positive feedback! For those of you who may not know this Ohno-kun's first romantic drama, and he has been really nervous about how he is going to portray this character for his fans. He has worked diligently to make sure he owns this role (and from all the postive reviews and me personally he did just that xD) Ohno plays the role of a stuck up and awkward owner of the 13th best hotel in the world. He really doesnt have a way with women nor with people in general so he mostly spends time alone or with his secretary and driver. He meets this young woman who has become a one of the new managers for his hotel, and her frank and intellegent attitude sparks something in him. He decalres that he will make her his fiance by the next hotel owner association meeting which is in 2 months. He wants to prove himself to all the other hotel business men especially one man in particular who picks on him constantly. Will Ohno's goal turn into something more? WATCH TO FIND OUT!!!!!! You can find the first episode english subbed here! When you watch it share what you think in the comments so we can either fangirl/boy together or deeply discuss how ADORABLE OHNO IS!!!!!!!! (or ya know just give your opinion all the same xD) * i do not own these beautiful pics and gifs used *