[MM] The End...

So I've finished the game... and I gotta say I love Saeyoung the most. That poor baby being so misguided by the two people he trusted the most when he was younger. ALSO ABOUT THAT B RIKA?!? I wanted to slap the hoe so much e...e wasn't even FUNNY. What she did to V and Saeran was messed up! Also I knew...KNEW that betch wasn't gone e.....e she deserves what she got in the end. -takes Rika and throws her under a big ass Mack truck- because a bus is too nice e...e I want to share more but I know some of you aren't completely done with the game soooo this is all I'm sharing lol Tagging~ @trustfundkid @OtakuDemon10 @SimplyAwkward @alexcattura