*****Warning I curse a lot***** So, now that it's been a few days, I'm finally ready to speak of the beauty that is BTS. Firstly, let me just say that this was my first concert ever, and I zeroed out my bank account for those GA tickets. I have no regrets, though, at least as far as how much I spent. I regret not leaving out earlier so that I could be closer to the stage. as it is my 5"0 self started off in the back. I thought I'd made good time because I got there at like 5:30pm and it started at 8pm, but alas I was so very wrong. unlike with seated tickets, I had to wait in a long ass in the freezing cold rain. luckily I was semi-dressed for the occasion. There were a few girls in booty shorts or miniskirts. my mind cannot fathom what they were thinking. this is Chicago we are talking about, with Chicago weather. But no serious judgement, because a lot of the outfits looked cute. anywho. I finally got in around 7. I quickly walked to go get something to eat before I went in search for a place in the horde of tweens(I had not eaten in 24hrs in preparation for this concert. this is how effing determines i was to go to this concert. No IBS was stopping me). As I finished wolfing down my overpriced hotdogs($12? for 2 hot dogs? seriously Aramark?) I joined in with the crowd on the right hand side of the extended stage and began singing with everyone else who had been singing to the MVs that were playing on the sides of the stage. it felt good seeing so many people who love them just as I do. I mean I still felt lonely because I was obviously one of the few 20 something year old in that area, but I was so excited and the people around me made me forget that as we danced and sung along to the songs. and then the lights dimmed and it was show time. I told myself to focus more on the concert and not worry about filming, and obviously from my lack of pics, I took that very literally. instead I have some crappy videos that aren't worth posting on YouTube. but going back, there's no way I can properly explain the feeling I had when the curtain dropped. I was damn near in tears, and I'm not all that emotional. I don't like people seeing me cry. but in that moment it was a dream come true. all that ran through my mind at that moment was "They're here. THEY'RE REALLY FUCKING HERE!" immediately i was dancing along to the choreo, and belting out my crappy vocals to "Not Today hopping up and down trying to see them on the stage because I honestly couldn't see them, and then I looked back at the screen and reality hit me even harder. There was Suga doing his "No, no no, not today." I was done. They looked SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! Like, you see them on tv, or on YouTube, but nothing compares to being in the same room as them, seeing them in front of you, hearing them sing in person. it's world's different. Fast forward, to the beautiful solos. I have to say every member was excellent. Jungkook with his fancy footwork, Jimin with his beautiful dancing and sexy voice, V's high notes that sent shivers down my spine. whoever said that he can't sing can take my 6inch dagger pumps up the ass. next we were carried off with Suga's piano and hoisted into the sea with Rap Monster and brought back by Jin's beautiful voice. I must hand it to Jin. He's not my favorite but he certainly blew me away with those nice vocals. I almost teared up a bit.


I cannot contain my excitement right now. I just heard the greatest. news. I had to sit for a minute and pray for calm. Our boys are finally going to be on a popular variety show together. May 22, 2016 they will be on the 300th special episode of Running Man; my favorite Korean Variety show. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, it's a variety show that's apart of SBS' "Good Sunday" lineup. it's first episode aired in July of 2010 with originally 7 male members; Main MC and comedian, Yoo Jae Suk, Entertainer Ji Suk Jin, rapper Kang Gary, entertainer/model Lee Kwang Soo, former rapper/entertainer Ha Dong Hoon aka Ha Ha, singer Kim Jong Kook (my favorite member), and "Descendents of the Sun" and "the Nice Guy" actor Song Jong Ki. They later added Goong actress Song Ji Hyo, and After School singer Lizzy who later left the show due to scheduling conflicts. Song Jong Ki also left the show after almost a year to focus on his acting. The show is known for their competitive members and crazy games, but they're most known for their name tag elimination game. They have had many big name idols on the show, some even becoming regular guests such as Jung Yong hwa of CNBlue, Gdragon of Big Bang, former member of MBLAQ Lee Joon, and Nickhun of 2pm. They show gained so much popularity that a Chinese network bought rights to produce a Chinese version of the show. Since its conception the show has filmed in Dubai, Thailand, China, and Australia with plans to film in other parts of the world. If you're interested in watching the show, you can check it out on Dramafever or Viki for free or for a premium membership for $9.99. I've been a loyal fan for 3 years, and will continue to watch it. I'm hoping that all of my A.R.M.Ys come through. @BBXGD