Teen Turned High School Internship to Game Design Career

This story is so inspiring and makes me question my decision to go to college. How common is it for you to land a tech internship in high school? Paulina Raguimov (19) was able to get a quality assurance internship at Jumpstart where she played games to find bugs. She found the internship at her high school career fair at age 16! I don't remember my high school ever having a career fair. While interning she had a great idea for a fun chemistry app (while she was struggling in her Chemistry class). She pitched the idea, the CEO liked it, and she was able to join in the process of making the game "How To Train Your Dragon: Alchemy Adventure". Woah. Firstly, I am so happy to hear that Paulina was able to land this internship because more women need to be taking these tech internships. Secondly, I am so happy that Jumpstart seriously considered her app idea even though she was just an intern. If more kids were presented with these opportunities to learn and explore their creativity, more of them would be able to find their potential. They're so many students who are held back by the educational system because it wasn't built for them. I hope more tech companies can take note of this awesome story.
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