An Online Behavioral Health Service

Texas Behavioral Health (TBH) is an innovative online behavioral health service that provides state-of-the-art in-person and online psychiatric care. It offers its patients and employees a safe and encrypted portal via which they may schedule face-to-face/ online mental health appointments and consult with their relevant specialists without any hassles. TBH welcomes its users' input by responding to their concerns and queries using online forms and accepting constructive criticism in order to correct errors. For over 10 years, our team of mental health professionals has provided in-person and online mental health consultations. They acquired their schooling in the United States at prominent medical and nursing schools. Our healthcare team will work with you and your family to deliver the best mental health care available. Book In-person/Online Mental Health Appointment Employing your phone, laptop, or tablet, you may make an appointment for in-person or online mental health treatment from anywhere. Prescriptions can be filled at a local pharmacy. Local hospitals, large labs, pharmacies, and insurance companies are among the clients we work with. Spend as little as $0 co-pay or $49 without coverage on your first medication reconciliation visit, then $99 every visit or co-pay after that. We provide the best in-person/online mental health consultation from professional professionals all under one roof. We accept most major Texas insurance plans and provide low-cost care across the state.