Understanding Your Skin - Adverse Reactions

Hello all! I've been reading through comments on beauty websites, talking with friends, and seeing cards here on vingle and I've noticed that a lot of people are having adverse reactions to "all natural" products that they've been using or have tried. So I decided to create a card explaining a little bit about why. There's an entire movement that has come out over the past decade about "getting rid of chemicals" and all that. Before we go any further I do want to make everyone aware that literally everything is a chemical, you are entirely made up of chemicals, everything you know is made up of chemicals. For better understanding, an example: Water, one of the purest substances on Earth is a chemical known by it's more formal name "hydrogen oxide" (hydric acid, hydroxic acid, hydroxyl acid, and hydroxilic acid, also acceptable aliases) So don't panic about chemicals or names of ingredients that you cannot pronounce. We've got plenty of regulations in place that are constantly being improved on for your safety; you can't sell a product that nobody is willing to wear. Alright so now that we've gotten that out of the way onto different types of adverse reactions. The most common adverse reaction I hear about is when someone tries an "all natural" skincare or makeup product and their skin gets angry at them. There's a really simple reason for this: If you have allergies to plants then chances are your skin is not going to take well to "all natural" products. Which can be sad when you're trying to get on trend or you enjoy the scent/colour/texture of a product. BUT now that we've learned that chemicals are not big bad nasty villains that they've been made out to be; you can feel better about using other products. (As long as they're ethically produced and not tested on animals SAVE THE BUNNIES!).
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Official Lovebug Challenge: Wie Miran Version

1.) Selfie! I decide to upload mostly pictures of me sans makeup which it turns out are mostly taken when I'm at the gym. Except for the last one, which shows off my "signature look" which is neutral eyes and bold lip. I've seen other people do this and they also talked about themselves in this section? So Annyeonghaseyo? Jeoneun Wie Miran-imnida. Cheoeum boepgesseumnida. I am Md Whitworth (Wie Miran) and I am a student studying physics. I don't really know what else to put here so if there's anything you want to know just ask ^_^ 2.) Dream Crush. So I really didn't know what to put here because I don't really know what my dream crush is. So I decided to put Jung Ji Hoon (Bi/Rain) because he's the reason I got into K-pop and subsequently K-dramas. I originally saw him years ago in "Ninja Assassin" and I really liked him in it. I tried to look up more things that he was in but the internet wasn't like it is now. I didn't have access to any of his music or any of his other works as an actor. A couple years ago I was watching "Ninja Assassin" again and I did some research again. And I fell hopelessly down a rabbit hole into another world and another culture and I haven't looked back since. So even though I'm a hardcore ARMY and a part-time EXO-L I will always be an ultimate fangirl for the charming, charismatic, talented (and super hot), Jung Ji Hoon. 3.) Current Status: From what other people are posting I'm guessing this is relationship status? I don't really have a relationship status. I'm not currently in a romantic relationship though. I don't really have hard lines with any of my relationships, romantic or otherwise. (Image Credit: http://nbgurungart.com/) 4.)Most romantic memory or story: My former best friend and I were laying on the beach at night looking at the stars. The moon was full and everything had this really surreal glow about it. He was laying against the sand and I was laying perpendicular to him with my head on his chest. There was a moment where we were looking at one another and I suddenly realized that I was hopelessly head over heels in love with him. It was just one of those "Ah, there you are. My soulmate." *IF YOU ONLY WANT THE ROMANTIC MOMENT THEN STOP READING* We decided to start dating around that time. I intended to recreate the event a year later, to tell him that it was the moment I realized I was in love with him, and propose to him. But the bastard left me for his best-friends sister in law, so fuck him. (Image Credit: http://imagefiltr.com/334879-moonlit-beach.html) 5.)What do you look for in a partner: To be honest I don't really look for a partner. I've pretty much fallen into relationships (To include one time my significant other had to inform me we were dating. It went a something like this: "This is my girlfriend..." "Wait, I'm your girlfriend?" "Yes you're my girlfriend." "Oh, word."). I can't think of any similarities in any of the people that I've dated. I really just sort of go with the flow and if I find a person that I like then my brain and heart go "Yep, this one, we like this one, go say hey"
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Hello everyone! I have found through extensive research that I'm several years older than the average in the fandoms. So as the resident eomma there are a few things I would like to suggest, particularly in the Korean pop fandoms. 1.) PLEASE DO NOT SENSATIONALIZE THINGS. Now I'm just old enough to remember a time before the internet (I'm only an 89 liner, don't let my gray hair fool you) and back when the internet first started it was good and pure. However now there is a lot (and I mean A LOT) of false information on the internet. And with how easy it is to reblog/repost etc it's very easy for false information to get spread and go viral. So don't just take information as fact, research it yourself (Google is amazing please use it because I remember a time before google and trust me you have no idea how great that search engine is) and think before you reblog/repost/complain/fawn over/or cause things to go viral. It's very easy for things to get out of hand and sometimes it negatively effects people both fan and celebrity. 1B.) CALM THE *expletive* DOWN. Please think before you get angry/sad/depressed! Again just because you see the information doesn't mean you should just take it and run with it! And certainly do not lash out (attack) people especially if they're reblogging or reposting false information. They're not stupid, just misinformed so politely (AND NICELY NOT PASSIVE AGGRESSIVELY) inform them of the situation. Everyone makes mistakes. 1C.) ALLOW FOR THINGS TO BE LOST IN TRANSLATION! Nothing, literally nothing, translates perfectly into another language. Korean to English is no exception. As my oppas continue to teach me Korean and I teach them English we often find ourselves at a stalemate and relying on hand gestures or vocal inflections to get the feeling of the sentence across. In Korean especially I've found that they will use the exact same sentence just said with different inflection (and sometimes just a different facial expression) to say/ask completely different things. This becomes even more complex in written language. For instance my name, Miran, has over six hundred different meanings depending on how I write it. IT'S LITERALLY TWO DIFFERENT LETTERS IN THE KOREAN ALPHABET BUT IT CAN CREATE OVER SIX HUNDRED DIFFERENT MEANINGS DEPENDING ON WHICH COMBINATION OF THE TWO LETTERS I USE (sidenote: I spell it as "beautiful tree"). That being said: Anyone who is translating information/articles/twitter posts/lyrics/etc most likely only has one native language. Unless you were raised in a bilingual household then you're going to be better at understanding only your native language so you can still make mistakes. Just as you don't even know the entirety of your native language, you can't possibly know the entirety of another language. So be patient and allow for mistakes. 2.) PLEASE DO NOT OVERLY SEXUALIZE IDOLS. I get it, the majority of you guys are dealing with raging hormones. But please remember that these people are just that: people. Please respect them as human beings. I'm not saying you can't find them sexy or attractive but when all you care about is their objectification and sexualization that's just disrespectful and wrong on so many levels. This bothers me more and more when I hear about idols starving and overexerting themselves in order to maintain or attain a certain image that the fans are demanding. YOU THE FAN ARE CAUSING THEM HARM BY DEMANDING THAT OF THEM. THEY ARE IN SOME CASES CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO GIVE FANS WHAT THEY WANT EVEN IF IT CAUSES THEM HARM TO DO IT. In the end they came into this business to entertain you with their singing/dancing/acting/maybe modeling abilities not to fulfill your sexual fantasy. Please show them the respect that you had for them in the first place. (And yes you're still allowed to appreciate their sexy stares or dance moves that they do on purpose. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be sexy or being sexy it's just when it goes over the edge and they're just slabs of meat being flung to wolves that it's vile) 3.) PLEASE STOP FETISHSIZING ASIANS/ASIAN CULTURE. Can you find Asians attractive? Obviously. They're humans, you're a human (I'm assuming) so it's reasonable that you would find them attractive. My "ideal type" is the typical tall dark and handsome guy (I'm heterosexual) and that description crosses all races. Are you taller than me? Do you have dark hair/eyes? Are you handsome? Then chances are you'll probably catch my eye but even so, that doesn't necessarily mean I will find you attractive. Just because you're cookie cutter handsome doesn't mean you're my type of handsome, you know what I'm saying? Like I like the color blue but not every shade of blue. However I've seen a great deal of people who become so obsessive that literally any Asian or Asian product will suffice. That's fetishsizing. You're literally denying them of their humanity/culture and just treating them/it as an object. So please stop and really focus on what you find attractive or appealing about someone/something. In my case with Korean men it's the (sometimes) tall, dark hair/eyes, and handsome along with being well dressed and presenting themselves well but even so I don't find every Korean man matching those descriptors attractive). With Asian products in general I like that they have a lot of cute packaging even for things that aren't meant for children, they understand that you can like cutesy things no matter how old you are (again, I still don't like all of the cutesy designs though).