Secure Temporary Fencing Systems

I was watching some young children the other day climb through some temporary security fencing that led onto a building site. I saw how easy it was for them to breach the fencing, and it made me wonder, ‘is there a more secure temporary fencing system out there’? I googled ‘temporary security fencing’, and the first few hits seemed to feature bog-standard barricades. A bit further down, I found some that had a bit of security, but they could still be opened easily with a basic tool. Then I found No thru temporary fencing. It seems this company has taken security fencing to a whole new level. The secret of this fencing system seems to lie in the foot, which has a type of keyhole. The panel locks into the foot and prevents anyone from removing the panel unless it’s at the right angle. At the top of the panel is a U-shaped connecting rod that inserts into the adjacent panel without the need for insecure clamps. How Is No Thru Temporary Security Fencing Different? The main difference I could see between this fencing system and others was that it was impossible to be opened with a tool. This makes it much more secure than normal temporary fencing, and yet it’s still easy to transport and assemble. Due to its interlocking design, there is no need to monitor multiple access points. Once assembled, the security fencing system allows the operator to limit the access points to the number they want. This means only one panel needs to be monitored by CCTV or a guard. Imagine the money that you’ll save!

How To Choose The Perfect Fitted Wardrobes For You!

Wardrobes! We may not think about them often, but they play a vital role in our daily life. Without them, clothes would be a piled-up mess, choosing our daily outfits would be arduous, and getting ready would be a disaster! However, thanks to our faithful wardrobes, our clothes have a safe home, ready for us to choose from each day. Maybe we pay little or no attention to the actual layout of our wardrobe. I know I never used to! But the style and set-up of our wardrobe can play a huge role in daily living and function. That’s where fitted wardrobes come in! Fitted wardrobes have many more benefits than freestanding ones. They are sleek, tidy and functional, providing extra space, depth and character to any room. Fitted wardrobes are fantastic for keeping all your clothes and accessories organised and in their proper place to make getting ready each day feel like a dream! However, if you are looking for fitted wardrobes in London, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of choices available. Do you choose hinged or sliding doors? Or no doors at all? Do you invest in a walk-in wardrobe? Should you try a bespoke fitted wardrobe? With so many options available, it can be confusing to know which style of fitted wardrobe to choose. This article will examine each style individually to give you some inspiration and help you choose which style is perfect for you! Let’s get started.


So you’ve got a tree in your garden that’s causing you some bother! It’s old, it’s decaying, maybe it’s looking more and more like the leaning tower of Pisa… Or maybe it’s still healthy, but it’s grown far bigger than you wanted it to, or is in an awkward place, blocking the sun from your living room! There are lots of reasons that you may be looking into tree removal in Lake Macquarie. Some people might decide that it would be easier to just DIY their tree removal… but this can be a dangerous decision! Even though you may think tree removal is simple and easy, it’s really not. No matter how big or small your tree is, when it comes to tree removal, you need to know advanced cutting techniques and understand how to work with dangerous power tools like chainsaws. It’s also essential to have experience and knowledge of tree biology and physics. If you attempt to carry out DIY tree removal, you could be setting yourself up for accidents, property damage, injuries, or worse. You might be thinking: ‘I think I can handle it myself. What’s the worst that could happen?’ I have heard too many stories of people who have thought the same thing and attempted to remove trees themselves, often resulting in accidents, injury, or other serious consequences. For this reason, I wanted to write this article to consider some of the most common safety risks when carrying out tree removal, why they are so dangerous and show how you can carry out tree removal in the safest possible way for you and your property.
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