Choices Pt. 3

Sorry once again! I'm in a sport now and I'm focusing on school so I'm very sorry that I haven't been writing!! Everyone went looking around for Jungkook even some of the members from other groups like, Ken from VIXX and, Momo and Sana of Twice. Alli even had to stop doing Rap Monster's makeup to help look for him. Than finally a staff member found him hiding in a room that was supposed to be for Red Velvet ,but they couldn't come. He was crying ,and he wasn't in costume nor makeup. His members go to comfort the baby maknae, trying to make him feel better. Bangtan's manager decided that he wasn't going to perform in this condition. So, that meant one less member for you. Even though you wonder what made Jungkook cry, you still don't ask about it. V comes and talks to you. "He just thought about some stuff and freaked out ,so don't worry, he'll be fine.", V said. You nod. It was than time for SHINee to go on stage so you and Alli run over to their dressing room and followed them out to the stage you checked Keys makeup and Taemin's before they go on stage. Then off they went and you go to meet your boss in SHINee's makeup room. "You both did great tonight. Next time you'll only have to do SHINee's makeup though. You guys will get your pay at the end of the week. See you guys tomorrow. You head out the door and Alli leaves without you sense she has to go cook dinner for her boyfriend at her house. While you are walking slowly to the bus stop Key comes up to you and hugs you from the back. You know it's him just by the way he feels. "You want to come have some food with me? I'm thinking about a buffet. How's that?", Key says. You agree and start heading out to where your going to eat.