For Me, Myself and I { Chapter 4 }

@marisamusic@MaricelvaRomero@merryjayne13@jjrockstar@RaquelArredo@EniorehFrancois@JaniseRamos@Mrs.JungHoseok @sarahdarwish@VeronicaArtino@SugaKookieV@QueenLele@MsLoyalHeart@justcallmekyke@PrincessUnicorn@FalseLove@EmilyPeacock@micahirene@Queen18Ember@PrettieeEmm@AaliyahNewbell@tiffany1922@kpopdeluxegirl@SindyHernandez@ParkHwaYoung@LemonLassie@CrystalGuerra@twistedPuppy@CallMeMsDragon@crazychikki@aliawhbmida@sosaloraine23@AyameTenchu@BaekYeolBaby@Ilikepancakes@LemonLassie@luna1171@mandubum@AaliyahNewbell@PrettieeEmm@JessicaEvaristo@MelissaGarza@NicoleJolly@MrsChanyeol@tinafalcon22@JinsPrincess@narutobandgeek@Orihemay@Defy24601@CamrynCherry@SaraHanna@Stephanie123@MadAndrea@selfishmachines@AmberRelynn@Animezkpopgirl@Maribelita@BrigetJara@ARMY98@MarilessSison@JadeOwens@Cassierchiqua@DalyRomero@im1the1shiteu@VIPFreak2NE1@Al95Pha@TaraJenner - Jackson - We were both sitting on his pastel blue and very large cauch. He looked nervous for some reason, as if he were afraid of hurting the slightest and smallest fly there was. I captured his every facial detail which depicted that of a very artistic masterpiece. A well and out-of-this-world masterpiece. My frowing face soon turned upside down and I was smiling at the cute boy in front of me. Although, he doesn't seem to be a boy after all knowing from a fact that he was actually older than me. I felt the need to hug him, to make him forget of the apology and just keep the hug going until our arms went numb and fall off. But I knew he had boundaries. Someone like Mark should be protected and taken care of despite the obvious truth of his self protection and care. I for once dwelled on my own conscience and refused to acknowledge my heart's needs. Yet, did I ever have a heartful need?. I don't think I ever did and even if I did I wouldn't be too keen on feeling compelled to fulfill it. It was a scary thought to think about, the idea that everything laying infront of me could easily be substituted for that which was Mark's very own self. I was interrupted by the sound of a cough. I look over to see the nervous man staring with big wide eyes right at my very own. We were like that for a few seconds but even at that short amount of time I was able to comprehend the complex details in his thoughts. He spoke: "I don't want you to feel as if I asked you to be here for just silence." He said and looked serious about it. "I know. And even if you did I would have enjoyed it.... that is if I get to look at that gorgeous face for a longer time of course. " I responded with basically no filter, not that I was planning on having any filter with Mark. The petite man looked away from me with a huge smile plastered on his face. It was something to surely die for.

A Great Love Story 8-9

This is Tari, she is Jinyoung's ex-girlfriend. @marisamusic @MaricelvaRomero @merryjayne13 @jjrockstar @RaquelArredo @EniorehFrancois @JaniseRamos @Mrs.JungHoseok @sarahdarwish @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @QueenLele @MsLoyalHeart @justcallmekyke @PrincessUnicorn @FalseLove @EmilyPeacock @micahirene @Queen18Ember @PrettieeEmm @AaliyahNewbell @tiffany1922 @kpopdeluxegirl @SindyHernandez @ParkHwaYoung @LemonLassie @CrystalGuerra @twistedPuppy @CallMeMsDragon @crazychikki @aliawhbmida @sosaloraine23 @AyameTenchu @BaekYeolBaby @Ilikepancakes @LemonLassie @luna1171 @mandubum @AaliyahNewbell @PrettieeEmm @JessicaEvaristo @MelissaGarza @NicoleJolly @MrsChanyeol @tinafalcon22 @JinsPrincess @narutobandgeek @Orihemay @Defy24601 @CamrynCherry @SaraHanna @Stephanie123 @MadAndrea @selfishmachines @AmberRelynn @Animezkpopgirl @Maribelita @BrigetJara @ARMY98 @MarilessSison @JadeOwens @Cassierchiqua @DalyRomero @im1the1shiteu @VIPFreak2NE1 @Al95Pha @TaraJenner I've grown to believe that everything I hold on onto is only but in vain. I guess being unhappy is when you have no sole purpose in a world that doesn't seem to take notice of your existence, or anyone in particular. I don't dwell in the loss of the attention I've, relunctantly, lat go of. But I do miss the one person who did in fact payed attention to me. His name is Jinyoung, he is a very normal guy I guess but he is strong. I don't know much about his backstory, not even while we dated nonetheless. He has many cryptic emotions and his feelings aren't at all at their best control. Never has he ever let anyone reach the top of the wall and break it down to pieces, realizing that which he keeps hidden very deep inside him. I once thought I could do that, to break his walls into a million pieces and release the other side of him I wanted to meet so desperately. But all to avail, he never lets his guard down let alone let a soul take control of his emotions, mindset, feelings, heart, and most importantly himself. I don't care about any of that now, frankly I dont even know what I did wrong to end it all but perhaps it was my constant need for his attention. Surely I thought that I could be comfortable with someone who truly understood the meaning of being unhappy and what the world feels when someone 'different' from it's superficial standards had set foot on the land. My life has processed in the most inadequate ways. Over time I had developed a deep depression where everything I see or touch seems empty and nothing could hold it into a steady rock to keep it balanced. I live for something to fuel me, something that I lack that makes me feel complete and I thought I had it before but now I realize that I was wrong. He talks to me sometimes, telling me about how he's been and shit but never has he asked how I was doing. He never asks whether I'm ok or if I'm hurt, taking care of myself, going out with friends, maintaining my sanity to a level where I'm able to cope with myself. I know that I lost the special treatment prior to the 'friendship' we keep going but is it really a friendship when it's just a prospective to a near ending. I don't want to lose him, not when he's my voice to keep going and living in a world I thought was worth living in.

For Me, Myself, and I {Chapter 3}

@marisamusic @MaricelvaRomero @merryjayne13 @jjrockstar @RaquelArredo @EniorehFrancois @JaniseRamos @Mrs.JungHoseok @sarahdarwish @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @QueenLele @MsLoyalHeart @justcallmekyke @PrincessUnicorn @FalseLove @EmilyPeacock @micahirene @Queen18Ember @PrettieeEmm @AaliyahNewbell @tiffany1922 @kpopdeluxegirl @SindyHernandez @ParkHwaYoung @LemonLassie @CrystalGuerra @twistedPuppy @CallMeMsDragon @crazychikki @aliawhbmida @sosaloraine23 @AyameTenchu @BaekYeolBaby @Ilikepancakes @LemonLassie @luna1171 @mandubum @AaliyahNewbell @PrettieeEmm @JessicaEvaristo @MelissaGarza @NicoleJolly @MrsChanyeol @tinafalcon22 @JinsPrincess @narutobandgeek @Orihemay @Defy24601 @CamrynCherry @SaraHanna @Stephanie123 @MadAndrea @selfishmachines @AmberRelynn @Animezkpopgirl @Maribelita @BrigetJara @ARMY98 @MarilessSison @JadeOwens @Cassierchiqua @DalyRomero @im1the1shiteu @VIPFreak2NE1 @Al95Pha @TaraJenner - MARK - Maybe I was too harsh on him. Maybe I shouldn't have left him there. Though it might have seemed bad I kind of noticed his wide smile and it made me feel some type of way. As if my power of solace had been drained from me by just a simple and small action. I don't seem to feel the strength of going out with him any another day, but I would never want to hurt his feelings. He seems of good spirit. The calamity of my involvement with other people seemed to have hit a high mile and yet I still look for that one person who can fix it all together again, perhaps for the good of my sanity. I knew Jackson wasn't the type to take action without precaution, but he certainly was the type to be blunt and smile throughout any situation. Maybe as a defense mechanism toward a bitter ending. I don't want him to feel as if I'm shutting him away, for any kind of reasoning I know there wouldn't be a situation where I would keep him behind closed doors. Maybe there will be, I don't know, I guess I can just let time take it's course. My apartment is small but cozy nonetheless. I wouldn't mind spending weeks or maybe months without socialization. Actually, I'd rather be inside and enjoy the company of my TV and fridge, rather than talking to people. Is that weird?- maybe, but I don't care. Walking unto the living room I find myself solely staring at the plain walls and furniture, it seemed boring. It's too quiet, too... well... sad. Sure I find comfort in being alone but sometimes it can get to a point where I'm suffocating between the white walls, carelessly lying down on the huge bed of mine. It sucks to have such a huge bed and yet it's just me; no one else to share it with. But I suppose the space didn't seem too bad to complain, it was just so empty despite myself being there. I move forward and look around. There is no mess, not the slightest bit of muddle found anywhere on the complex. Again, how boring. Should I call Jackson and ask him if he could come over?... then again, with the way I treated him just afew minutes ago I don't think he wants to see me. He's probably thinking about what he did to make me react the way I did. I can't blame him, I'm that confusing. Miraculously I grew the sudden urge to pick up the phone and hear his voice again, maybe to feel a little bit of companionship, another voice in this lonely place of mine. He picks up on the third ring.
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For Me, Myself, and I {Chapter 2}

Hey!!! theeeerrreeeee - JACKSON - I felt more at home than ever, and the advancity of the exachange of words was impressive. I found myself longly staring at his face and body, depicting every detail on his skin, every change in his eyes. He was really a painting come to life and it only made me fall in lov- NO... I can't. What is the meaning of love exactly? How could I fall for him when I've only just met him. Nevertheless was he not enchanting and interesting but he was also different. Very different to be exact. He was the complete opposite of me; not too talkative or symphathetic, not too romantic and affectionate but he was, surely, a coquettish person. He explained his reasoning for being so serious around people and how he never really made any of his relationships last more than three or eight months. Actually, he became aware of his words and sugarcoat them as if he didn't want me to think differently of him or seem hurt by his words. Thoughtfully, I was a little disappointed and kind of pitiful towards him. He had said that the reasoning behind his short relationships was of great boredom and so his said departed partners didn't want to date him anymore but he never cared for that as he felt the same way. In a way he is like me. He doesn't understand the meaning of love and how to handle it if he is cought up into it. As if his story couldn't get anymore sad, his last relationship only last a week before his partner said he had made a mistake in dating him. At that moment I really wanted to punch whoever the person was that dared tell him such humiliating words. Strangely, a smile still managed to make its way to his lips despite the rememberance of his past. We walked away from the diner and just spoke of the things we've done and had done. Our lives, our mistakes... our thoughts. And without notice the day had darkened and the moon had risen. The street lights were again shinning and the colors of the many lights were the leading way to every building and pathway. The sounds of the people were muffled as only our voices attracted us and boomed in our ears. His laugh is everything, it's cute. The way his lips curve up and show his perfect teeth and dimples only made my heart feel more pain. His hair blowing along the wind showed the forehead and eyebrows I hadn't seen before, thus making him more gorgeous than ever. The walk to his apartment was short but felt as if there were but a mallenium of footsteps to be taken and the night had only gotten longer by every step. Even the steps taken up the stairs felt like another day, deferring the occurance of sleep. We were both still laughing, his arm interwined with mine, making us look far more than friends and that sprung fear over my body. If I really have fallen for him.... would I hurt him?
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For Me, Myself, and I {Chapter 1}

This cover will be used whenever the story is in the prospective of Mark. And the other one will be used for Jackson's. ENJOY! - Mark - I walk into the filled diner. The smell of the food is obviously strong and the loud chatter of people can be heard even in the most quiet of places. The waiters are very well dressed and they smile at every customer that enters and leaves. The colors are bright and the décor is typical diner-style but at the same time eye-catching. The scent of vanilla candles and the smell of freshly baked cookies are nonetheless wonderful to breath in, that is for those who like the smell of vanilla. The floor is made of dark brown wood and the walls are baby blue and white, adorned with paintings of numerious things. I look around to see if there's a table empty when finally I find one all the way in the back, cornered to the wall and a big window. I look in front of me and I make my way towards the waitress. She has a big smile on her face showing off her dimples and the wrinkles underneath her eyes making them smaller. It's cute. "Table for one, sir?" She said with a womanly voice which didn't compliment to her looks. Her eyes light up once I take off my sunglasses and I knew I had catched her attention. "Uh, yes, for one person." I respond and gave her a smirk that only seemed to make her furrow her eyebrows. She stares at me with a deadly stare and in that moment I realized she isn't into guys like me, the ones who flirt with every girl they see (in my taste only guys catch my attention).
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For Me, Myself, and I {Prologue}

Hey guys so I finally decided to update. Don't worry this will be a short Markson story. It'll probably only be like 10-15 chapters. Maybe i'll think of making it longer. Please Enjoy. - JACKSON - I held a short hatred towards the bitter end of my relationships. Non had ever really allured me in any way possible to keep me satisfied and interested. I got bored easily and I wouldn't mind ending it without hesitation. They always cry and beg for me to rethink my decision but fairly if I'm bored i'll leave them. For me, myself, and I, just for a while though. I am a guy who doesn't really care for others, I mean, the sex life is good but the rest of the romance doesn't really involve intimacy, it's sweet and I don't do sweetness. Sometimes I wonder why do I get in relationships but I guess it's nothing, just cheer interest. As I walk slowly on the brick-made sidewalk, which colors were diverse in many shades of pink, baby-blue, red, orange, purple and white, I stare at the lights before me. They mix well with the serene and bright colors of the small houses, apartments, stores and cafés. They shine and the light reflects upon the windows and tables of that one diner I always seem to pass by. The smell of the food is evident and very much enticing. It's no wonder why the place is always packed with people and the newcomers always seem to leave with a satisfied smile on their lips. One important detail, is that of a small, comprehensive and very aesthetic apartment building. The place seemed interesting but not of my taste, I don't do bright colors despite their good looks. The apartments are small, some are bigger than others, and the houses nearby are complematory to the style of the neighborhood. It's always calm and quiet around here, only sometimes would there be loud and obnoxious sounds coming from the people but mostly there's just cars passing by. It's mid autumm and the season has shown quite the colors and wheather. It's always mild and cold but the air is warm and slow. I enjoy the breeze and the sounds made when they reach the branches of the tall trees, thus making the blossoms and other colorful flowers fall from their living place--- down to the ground. As I sit on one of the park benches, I take notice of the tall, petite and very good-looking male walking down the street close to where the diner is. He surely is handsome, his black hair perfectly placed on his forehead, beige high boots which only seem to make his legs gain more shape and longer. He was wearing sunglasses combined with a beanie that was black and said "Killerz" on it. His shirt is black and open at the collarbone, exposing the clear and surely soft bright skin and tight around his waist, showing his curves. The tight jeans, which are sexily tighter around his perfect ass, were black also and a jacket, that also said "Killerz" on it, was beige and had zippers all over it. This guy is cute and nonetheless my ideal type. But I don't know him. Frankly, I've never seen him before around here, no one as perfect as him could walk down these streets.
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A Great Love Story: 7

YOUNGJAE, HIS AND BAMBAM'S MOM: A REUNION @marisamusic @MaricelvaRomero @merryjayne13 @jjrockstar @RaquelArredo @EniorehFrancois @JaniseRamos @Mrs.JungHoseok @sarahdarwish @VeronicaArtino @SarahVanDorn @QueenLele @MsLoyalHeart @justcallmekyke @PrincessUnicorn @FalseLove @EmilyPeacock @micahirene @Queen18Ember @PrettieeEmm @AaliyahNewbell @tiffany1922 @kpopdeluxegirl @SindyHernandez @ParkHwaYoung @LemonLassie @CrystalGuerra @twistedPuppy @CallMeMsDragon @crazychikki @aliawhbmida @sosaloraine23 @AyameTenchu @BaekYeolBaby @Ilikepancakes @LemonLassie @luna1171 @mandubum @AaliyahNewbell @PrettieeEmm @JessicaEvaristo @MelissaGarza @NicoleJolly @MrsChanyeol @tinafalcon22 @JinsPrincess @narutobandgeek @Orihemay @Defy24601 @CamrynCherry @SaraHanna @Stephanie123 @MadAndrea I can feel my head spinning as if ive been on a million roller coasters. Ive discovered a million pieces to my broken heart and admired it through their reflections. How far have i come to be like this?. The ropes that hold my hands to the bed, i can feel them tightening themselves to my already red hands. I am in a hospital room tied to a bed… its not the first time i am not surprised about it. My eyes circle around the room and i find someone who ive never wouldve thought to see again after 12 years. My dear brother. Hes not alone, my mother is also here. I can see how sore her eyes are and her piercing stare that would only bring a smirk on your face just seeing her pretend to be sad and guilty while in reality shes just holding in her anger. Deception at its best. "Son, how are you feeling?. She says with fake concern". "Im fine… why are you here?". "Your brother here called me saying you were tied to a bed and had an episode hours before. I couldnt just sit there and not be here by your side.." "Oh shut up mom, when in hell have you cared about him or his well being? The only time you've ever actually paid attention to him was when he saved you from dad" Bambam interrupts with a disgusted look on his face. He stares furiously at mom. His eyebrows are furrowed into a complete straight line and his lips are made into a frown. His hands are gripping onto the chair handles clearly trying to hold back from something. Have i missed something? "Bambi, have some respect. I am your mother and just because youre an adult does not give you the right to talk to me this way. I do care about your brother very much and if youve never seen it then you are conspicuously blind". She snaps looking at him with wide eyes and her long nails gripping his wrist, leaving marks against his skin. "Can you not fight for one fucking minute and explain to me what the hell happened to me?" They each look at me with serious faces and lean back into their chairs which leads to creaking sounds and a loud sigh from mom.
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