2 years ago
You ♡
Your deep eyes entrance me. Everything about you is perfect. I can't stand being apart from you. Every second I have with you, I count as a blessing. It's not enough, though. If I could stop time, just to be with you forever, I would. I love you with all my heart. You have taken what was ripped, shattered, stomped on, and left behind and glued all the tiny little fragments back together. Your face looks so stern and pained. Every time I reach out to touch your cheek, you calm down and smile. All of your thoughts seem to go away when you're with me. I know this because the same happens to me when I'm with you. Your lashes are just long enough to hide the anger, frustration, and pain that swim in your irises. Stop looking down at the ground. Look at me. Your eyes give everything away when we are together. I know you're hurt. I know you're broken, but I can fix you. I WILL fix you, if you let me. Your soul gleams through those eyes. It's telling you to let go of the past and live for now. It's telling you to fall in love. Your smile gives me butterflies. Those white teeth and perfect lips. Every time you smile, I think of angels carving out a perfect form of beauty, and sending it down for me to find. Keep smiling baby, it's wonderful when you do. It's perfect in every way, just like you. Your arms are scarred. Ranging from cat claws, to knives.. I have scars, too. We are connected in that way. I will study and admire them all, knowing that you are just like me. Our scars are reminders of our past, so let's move forward towards the future. Scars fade, my love. So will the past, as long as we're together.