Shokugeki no Souma Ni no Sara (Episode 1 Analysis! + link!)

The Award Winning show of 2016 for shounen anime has finally reached our screens, and it's time to rejoice over the return of the foodgasms and heroics, battles and cliffhangers in the Shokugeki no Souma, The Second Plate!!! What has improved! Right from the start, new music is introduced with new and creative OST inspired by the Pokémon games and they have increased the efforts in the animation, being that one of the major criticisms the first season it got was that the animation was relatively stiff and still-framed, which they still continue using, but now features *much* more fluidity and character-movements! The first episode, however, was kinda rushed. Compared to the manga, it covered basically 10 chapters in one single go, but maybe that's what it takes to bring everyone back to speed on the current universe in Shokugeki, being the Autumn Elections! Check it out! And see for yourselves!

{The Great Debate} Happy vs Sad Anime Endings!

Which is truly better? One where you wept tears of sorrow or tears of joy? Welcome to The Great Debate! This is my brand new collection where you guys comment and take sides on why *you* are right (on a particular subject)! This collection is here to literally *crash* into every community in Vingle to challenge notions and start debates! It's not restricted to politics or anime, but much much more! XD For the start of it all, let's debate about ENDINGS!!!