Make Your Marriage Last, With Joy: Tips 21-25

It's time for more tips for making your marriage last, joyfully! Here are my next five tips for keeping your long-term relationship strong, fresh and healthy: 21. Laughter therapy Take time to laugh together - whether it's with a funny movie, at a comedy club, or just telling a joke. Laughter is healthy for your body, brings up your mood and energy and enhances those feel-good chemicals in your brain. And, it's useful to get in the habit of taking a lighter view on things - for next time you're facing each other in frustration. 22. Respect each other's space A lot of the advice for relationships is about ways to get closer, but actually a good way to stay together is to respect each other's space. Every person needs some time in their life to be an individual. It's not healthy to be completely subsumed into someone else, whether it's a partner or a child. Give your partner some space to do their own thing once in a while, to spend time alone occasionally and reconstitute their individual self. You will probably find that if you do some things separately once in a while, you'll have more to talk about. Also, people want to see you more if you're always right on top of them. It makes them appreciate your presence all the more. Finally, individual space gives the other person a chance to work out any frustrations or tiredness before spending time with you - and trust me, that's a good thing. 23. Learn something new about your partner.

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Being a parent is an incredible joy, but it can also make for some big-time frustration. It can be infuriating when our kids don't listen to us, willfully disobey, disrespect us, break our things, or do other things that make us very upset. My partner and I learned from when we were dating that we are not yellers. Both of us are pretty sensitive to tone of voice and pretty much never yell at each other. So it was clear after we got married that we weren't going to yell at our child, either. But I have to admit, there are times when it's hard to keep our voices down when we're upset. The reason we hold it in is because we (a) believe that yelling at him will not correct the problem, (b) we don't want him to think that it is okay to yell at others or at us, even when he's frustrated and (c) we believe there are other ways to communicate and vent our frustration while getting the results we want out of his behavior. So what can a parent do with their frustration and to discipline a child instead of yelling? Here are some tips to stop yelling at your kids: 1. Know when to walk away for a minute. Be aware when your level of frustration is getting unmanageable, then firmly but calmly tell your child to stay where they are and you will be back in a minute. Then leave the room.

What Are Your Dating Dealbreakers? Chime In!

I love the videos by SoulPancake on YouTube. They're always so insightful into aspects of Love & Relationships that are notoriously hard to figure out. This video is a little different - since it's a "person on the street" format instead of a research study, like the last one I posted (http://www.vingle.net/posts/648021). They asked a few people what their "Dating Dealbreakers" were. I have to agree with personal hygiene, lying, and that weird "meow" situation. You'll see. There were also quite a few phone-related responses. I think that would definitely be a deal-breaker for me if I were on a date with someone new: if they were constantly looking at their phone and ignoring the conversation, only half-listening, or just not making eye contact. How annoying! What are your dating dealbreakers?

Prevent a Lost Child with Temporary Tattoos

One of my biggest fears as a parent is that my child will slip out of my grasp or slip away in a second when we're in a crowd somewhere. Of course the first thing we do to prevent this is to make sure we keep a tight grasp on his hand, constantly make visual contact and tell him repeatedly that he needs to stay next to us and not go off by himself. But despite our best efforts as parents, occasionally the unexpected happens and our little ones get out of sight. So what do we do in the event that it happens? First off, we have been teaching him to memorize his full name, address, our full names and soon our phone number. Kids have pretty amazing memories, and emphasizing this often can help it stick. One thing that would make me feel WAY better, though - is this amazing idea someone had to make temporary tattoos for kids that have the parents' phone number on them. I had thought several times of doing this with a sharpie or with a hanging tag or something, but this is actually perfect! I found several different companies that make them - but most of them sell generic temporary tattoos together with a special pen that you use to write your specific info on them. This kind of defeats the purpose for me, since I would be nervous that the ink would somehow come off. Tottoos, however, makes custom temporary tattoos that already have your info on them - all you have to do is apply them! Of course, you also have to teach your child to show the info in the event they get lost - and to show it to a police officer or employee, preferably. Right now this is looking like a great option for when we go to festivals, conventions, theme parks or other such things. What do you do to make sure your child doesn't get lost?

Listen to a Live Marathon Reading of Orwell's 1984!

Have you heard someone mention "Big Brother" these days? George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 has never really gone out of style since he wrote it in 1949. It's not surprising that we've been hearing more references lately to this story of mass surveillance when issues like government agency surveillance and digital privacy are not future fiction, but very real, current questions. The D.C. Public Library is thus fittingly hosting an event series called "Orwellian America? Government Transparency and Personal Privacy in the Digital Age" that will include feature events, lectures, and screenings in venues across the city. Most importantly for those of us who don't live in D.C., one of the events is a live-streamed marathon reading of THE ENTIRE NOVEL over the course of 11 hours. Wow! According to the site linked here, "special guest readers and members of the public will be on had to read aloud the entire text of the book." It will be live-streamed on YouTube. Apparently anyone is allowed to join in - to sign up for readings you can go here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wyL8yn8ZwgEDKr6-9lItycmo7kK5o3dlFdVYas9KLXo/viewform I couldn't find anything on whether you have to be local to fill a reading slot. It would be great if people could do it remotely! You can listen in (or join in) on January 21, from 10am to roughly 9pm. I'm definitely going to tune in for at least some of it!