How to Make a Colour Combination Statement with Black Kitchen Worktops

Designing a statement kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. Even if one chooses to go for black as the worktop theme colour, they may not want to create a dark kitchen. Many people would then be interested in finding how they can work well with specific colour combinations when they own black worktops within their cooking space. Here are some cool ideas to try out. Go for monochrome Monochrome kitchens are much in trend, especially if the homeowners want a modern design. When the sleek black kitchen worktops are installed, they provide enough shine, glamour and power to the kitchen. It is best not to go overboard with black. Thus, the black worktops can be combined in balance with white as part of the monochromatic kitchen theme. If there is too much of white colour, a few grey accessories can also be added to display a range of black hue. Create contrast with pastel shades Some people do not want to keep the walls and cabinets in white due to maintenance issues. For them, the contrast to black worktops can be created by painting the walls in other lighter shades, such as those of blue, green, pink or lime. If there is also a countertop in black, then the cabinets can be kept in the same lighter shade. This will offer a striking look to the centrepiece. Worktops in black appear more soothing to eyes if they are contrasted with the pastel shades. Dare to go bold

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Grey Quartz Worktops In Your Property

Stone surfaces, especially in grey quartz, are flexible and low maintenance options to be placed in any kitchen or house area. With proper care, they maintain their strength and great looks. Grey is one of the most preferred quartz worktop colours for installation in homes, as well as in commercial spaces like restaurant kitchens and office bathrooms. Apart from its shade range, many other factors make grey quartz a hit for all space design themes and styles. Following are a few main pros and cons of these coloured engineered surfaces. Pros of grey quartz surfaces A grey quartz worktop always makes it a classic choice, whether a homeowner designs a kitchen or redesigns a living room or study where a worktop is essential to be installed. Here are some significant advantages of these elegant and modern-looking surfaces. Versatility: Grey quartz is an engineered stone that has a uniform appearance, while it is also available in a variety of hues and vein designs. It brings grey surfaces in high demand when people design their dream kitchens. The colour grey can easily blend with other colours like those of cabinets and perky appliances. Light vs dark: Whether homeowners want to install a light-coloured quartz countertop or a dark-coloured side slab for cooking purposes, grey becomes the top choice. It is because quartz stone is available from the lightest to darkest grey tones, which can be noticed in all popular quartz varieties, from Silestone and Caesarstone to Classic Quartz.

What are composite kitchen worktop?

Summary – To give your kitchen a special look and feel, you always search for a durable yet appealing alternative. With composite worktops, your search is over. This article discusses the basic information about these worktops to help you determine whether to go for it or not. Are you looking for a valid option of making your kitchen attractive and practically sound for use? If yes, you should consider composite worktops. Though the name may not sound familiar, your knowledge about quartz will help you understand the concept even more. Composite work surfaces are one of the most unique alternatives for homebuyers that are rarely used and hence give a posh appeal to the entire interface. The Types The composite countertops are available in two types – engineered surface and solid surface. No matter which option you choose, the elegance and durability both will sustain in your kitchen premises when its composite countertop anyway. Engineered Surface When a composite structure is prepared using a mix of materials, it forms the engineered stone. These materials are normally quartz and resin. To enhance the appearance of the stone, however, different colours can be added to the elements like glassed chips. The best part is that these forms of composite work surfaces come in various designs and shades, thereby opening you up to numerous alternatives. These are scratch-free and stain-resistant, which make them the most sought-after options for kitchens in particular.