a month ago
A Clever Way to Say Happy Birthday~:Namjoon~:
Something didn't feel right. You just walked into Bts' dorm and the first thing to greet you was silence. You usually had Jin greet you by poking his head out of the kitchen, but he was no where to be seen. "Namjoon? Jin?" you called out into the silent dorm. "If this is some kind of joke I swear to Gala I'll shave their eyebrows." you muttered as you pulled your phone out of your pocket. You click on your messages from Namjoon and see that he wanted you to show up around 10 o clock. It's currently 10:10, but no sign of the boys. "I'm just gonna leave." Mumbling, you locked your phone and placed it back in your pocket. As you turned you felt a chill run up your back, then a sudden darkness. The silence that was previously in the room somehow got quieter, the air still around you. You balled your fists ready to turn a punch someone in the throat and run, but before your fool proof plan could go into action, you felt movement. They reached down slowly, closer and closer to your ear. "Happy Birthday Jagiya." You felt the hands leave your eyes. You swiftly turn around to see seven boys smiling and giggling, Namjoon held the cutest dimple smile, the one that made your heart melt when you first met him, as he held a little confetti popper and popped it. Jin held a beautifully decorated cake with the words "You've been birthed today, good on ya." "Jin, unless you want to be the only one with your eyebrows gone, you better fess up on your lackies." Without hesitation he pointed to Jungkook and Taehyung who just gulped, but acted cool. Yoongi chuckled and shook his head,