cr: jooni.com Tan and Young Do stand apart, but together, looking out into the city. YD finally breaks the silence: “It’s cold.” He’s describing the weather, but it is also how he feels. Tan adds, “It’s cold…and dark.” Silence falls between them again as they each try to fight off the cold and dark feeling hovering over them because of their fathers. At a cafe, Tan discusses his situation with a woman, who we learn is a lawyer. Tan doesn’t trust the lawyers at Jeguk anymore, and he wants this new lawyer’s help transferring legal proxy rights to Won from JS for his stocks. Yoon and Won are busy preparing for battle against JS too. Yoon reports to Won which person has how many percentage of stocks. Won notes that because the margin between the percentage held by JS and her people are close to the percentage held by Won and Tan and their people, it’s going to a battle to try to get the rest of the stockholders to side with them. He calls for a meeting of people who were said to be on Chairman Kim’s side. Unfortunately, nobody is showing up at this meeting as Won, Tan, and Yoon wait. Eventually, two people who up, still loyal to the Chairman after 20 years of allegiance. JS’s meeting of people on her side is a little fuller, and Esther is there too. JS thanks her for being here, but Esther declares that she has not made up her mind yet. She wants to stand opposite to Chairman Kim, but she is not sure if the opposite is JS or Won.


cr:jooni.com EPISODE 18 YD yells at Tan, “If you miss her, then go see her.” Tan replies he isn’t going anymore. “You can have her.” YD grabs Tan by the collar and pulls him up. He demands, “What did you say? Do you want to die? Do you have the right to break down?” Tan says, ”No, he doesn’t.” Looking at Young Do tearfully, Tan says, “I can’t do it, Young do.” Angry, YD throws Tan down and walks away. Tan struggles to get up, but he can’t. Won notifies his dad of Yoon’s new position. Dad scoffs that Yoon is only capable of reaching that high. Won and Dad go back and forth through the story of Guan Yu from the Three Kingdoms. Dad tells Won he can go now, but Won says he didn’t come to see dad. Right then Tan comes in, and everyone is shocked by how roughed up Tan looks. Tan ignores everyone and just goes to his room. Won enters Tan’s room and says,”Get up. Let’s go to the hospital.” Tan says get out, but Won reminds Tan that he promised to do everything he said. Tan screams, “Get out!” Won yells back that Tan doing this won’t change anything. Broken, Tan pleads to Won, “Hyung, when do I go to the U.S.? I’m think I’m really going to die. Please send me. Please save me.” Tan weeps, and Won looks at him sadly, worried. Won is back at Zeus hotel, and he runs into YD. He notices YD’s broken lips, and on instinct he asks if Tan fought with him. When YD says he hit Tan because he deserved it, Won asks why YD hit his little brother. YD snorts- he’s not supposed to hit kids with older brothers, but he forget that Tan had a brother since Tan never shows it. Won retorts dryly that Tan must not have friends either.


cr: jooni.com EPISODE 17 Tan ends up back at the empty apartment, the last place he saw Eun Sang, smiling back at him. He remembers what Dad said to him after the meeting- “Don’t forget this day. You lost that child today as the consequence of the sword you wielded.” Tears start to fall silently out of Tan’s eyes first, but as the sobs rise in his chest, Tan pants for breath and he falls on his knees. He clutches his chest as he cries. (PICTURE 1) Tan walks the streets calling Eun Sang, but the operator is saying the phone number doesn’t exist. Tan weeps, going numb from the pain as he remembers Eun Sang saying bye to him with a smile at the apartment. Tan arrives home and goes to his dad. He tells him that Eun Sang is gone; he can’t find her. He demands to know what his dad did- where did he send her? Dad says it is all Tan’s fault. He should not have let Eun Sang even look at him from the beginning. Tan replies that he is the one that looked at Eun Sang. He is the one that begged her. Why didn’t dad send him away, then? Was it because he is insurance for his brother? Dad replies that all he did was advise her to live according to standards that befit her. He adds that Eun Sang’s withdrawal will be made official. Tan tells him not to, but Dad refuses, warning Tan to not look for her. The moment he finds her, her life will really be ruined.