BTS: Manager dismissed due to Mistreatment of Members.

Okay So I'm like really emotional today and super sensitive about bts today. I woke up and read a really bad article about how badly the members of BTS were being treated behind closed doors. Had it all been false accusations it would of been okay. Since the boys seem to play it off so well. But no their manager released a statement in which he takes full responsibility for the accusations brought against him. And those were for only the ones that he got caught for. It made me sad to think that these boys there young some my age some younger then me were being mistreated so badly. There young and living the dream so I guess they felt like we'll this is how the industry. But it shouldn't be that way. And it's not Just BTS look at SEVENTEEN they do everything on their own. Like idk I'm just so passed off because this music genre genuinely has saved me in more ways the one so to think that there taking a beating or an insult from someone who's supposed to be watching over them, not to mention who gets paid because of them to treat them in that way is just downright disrespectful I know this is a serious matter and may not be fun to read. But I'm glad someone has taken action and that with the help of the fans this abusive matter was taken care of. I'm not going to sit here and write this and say I didn't cry because I did its just so sad. I wish the boys good luck in this upcoming new stage and remember that sometimes it is the biggest smile that is often hiding the saddest heart so reach out to them and those that you know are having a hard time. From One Fangirl To another Stay Strong , Make the most out of this day. Yvon Jerzak
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