The Most BADASS Character on The Scene!!!😈

Throughout the years of anime and all its glory there is bound to be a character that catches are interest. The guy I love to death for who he is ... Yes yes the man himself ALUCARD. One of the most iconic vampires in the anime world. He is without a doubt the only vampire that makes us excited and suspenseful of every action he takes. My man ALUCARD, is part of the HELLSING Corporation which deals with the supernatural empirically vampires. like the old saying goes "Fight fire with fire." For Alucard he has served the HELLSING family for decades alongside a butler and a small army of soldiers. The 2 things that really make Alucard standout among the rest is his special made gun the JACKAL. This gun is literally like a cannon when firing this baby off. The gun itself is cloaked in black and written in Latin. On the other hand Alucard is so extremely power that he actually needs a limiter on himself. The curse mark above is what keeps it in check and unlocks it he himself setup 4 levels from 3 to 0. 0 being the most powerful one. Lastly let me just say ALUCARD is one of the most insanely awesome characters that has ever been created. And as well I want to thank everyone of you guys for taking the time to read this. But it is what I think and you guys are not entitled to agree so if you think someone else is better tell me in the comments. And give a shout out to @hikaymm

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