My First Love - Flash Fiction

This is actually my first post! Big thanks to @VinMcCarthy for getting me started. I looked at you, and you were so small. Your tiny fingers grasped at the air as you learned to move them. Your tiny legs twitched and toes wiggled. My heart swelled as I held you for the first time, terrified that I might break you. I smiled as you cooed, the sound lifting my heart in sweet song, and you were mine. Or rather, I was yours. A few years passed, but my love for you never swayed. Not when you found the bag of Flour in the kitchen and decorated the house with it, not when you decided to 'paint' your walls with marker, not even when you nearly burnt the house down. I hated the kitchen anyway, and so did your mother. You got older and grew into yourself, one day you would match my height. That day came to quickly. It had been 16 years, but it felt like only minutes. Then you brought a boy home so I did what any father would do. When he came to the door I invited him in and proceeded to clean our shotgun. "Now listen..and listen well," I warned. "That girl you're taking out is my daughter. The apple of my eye. If you hurt her...it won't be a happy ending." It turns out he wasn't the guy, and there were many to come, until one. The one you dressed all in white for. The one I gave your hand to. Now he will know the love I do.

I'm pretty fun and upbeat. Just started my second year in college, I'm going for my Associates with an emphasis in Psychology! :)