Chicken Korma in Indian Restaurant

In India, a variety of korma is prepared it differs from region to region each of them uses unique techniques of cooking and ingredients that are available locally. One of the most popular dishes from India is a Chicken Korma. It is an Indian Subcontinental dish that has a light and flavourful spices, garam masala, brown onion and cashew nuts which gives creamy flavour to the curry. Cashew-mixed paste is commonly used in Indian cuisine, especially if they want a creamy and smooth texture, but it adds some richness to the food. This blended paste is great for thickening sauces. Chicken korma is the most delicious dish anyone can order. Many Maltese people love Indian dish so this is the perfect place for them that serve many dishes which are inspired by India. Naan Bar in Valletta is popular among young Maltese people. It is the best place for having an Indian cuisine with authentic taste and flavours. It offers much of fusion food blended with the perfect and authentic taste. Many travelers prefer to visit this place to explore the casual dining -cum- private dining, so it is a great place to meet up with friends and have a few cocktails and drinks. The cocktails are innovative, with a touch of fresh herbs and with authentic ingredients. This place is heaven for Indian cuisine lovers in Valletta. Some of the famous dishes are Chicken tikka, Chicken curry, South Indian Beef curry, Mashrom matar, Palak paneer etc, and many other dishes. Food is followed by a complimentary cocktail and drinks. A cocktail list of more than 70 varieties is this bar’s USP, but there are plenty of other options too like white wine and red wine. The uniqueness of this bar is it offers diversified red wine and white wine drink from various countries like Malta, Italy, France, Germany, New Zealand, Chile, Portugal, and many other countries. The Bar can get very crowded late on Friday and Saturday nights. Relaxed, friendly, and completely casual with premium decor. People go crazy for Half bottle white and half bottle of red wine in this bar. It is a perfect place to have lunch and dinner with families and friends.

Indian Style Chicken Curry in Malta

Naan Bar is a beautiful Indian restaurant in Valletta that serves mainly Indian dish. In this article I want you all to know the most amazing dish of this place is Chicken curry. It is an Indian dish which is prepared in a different style in different states or regions which has a different taste of the dish. It was a revolution for this dish that is prepared in different styles and giving a delicious flavour according to the time. The curry is prepared by all these ingredients garam masala, ginger, garlic, tomato puree, onion, and drum stick which enhance the taste of the chicken. It adopts different flavours as you walk across regional boundaries. It is a strong base that adds profundity and enthusiasm to any dish. Strong, smooth, splendidly rich, velvety, tart — each state gloats of an alternate adaptation of chicken curry formula. I love the flexibility that Indian curries offer. It not only taste delicious but also very flavourful with soft, tender, succulent piece of chicken. With the amazing food, you should also enjoy a cocktail and drinks section, they have some of the most interesting cocktail which compliment the food. They serve the best cocktail of some countries, Its really mind-blowing, and you not able to stop after having one. If you visit this place than having a cocktail should be one on your list. People can enjoy this dish at any family get together or a group of people. You won’t regret after having this dish and your love for Indian dishes will surely rise.

Indian Food Restaurant in Malta

The tiny Mediterranean nation of Malta is one of the best beach destinations in Europe. It has a laidback tropical vibe with picture-perfect beaches and amazing diving. Malta has a variety of attractions to keep you busy on your trip. But one of the most important factors that keeps you energetic is delicious food. The Naan Bar offers an exclusive atmosphere, elegant interiors, and delicious food. One of the best Indian restaurants in Malta, with a wide variety of recipes, offering a complete flavor and an aesthetic experience, this place has the unique concept of being "raw" and seasonal fusion dishes. With a wonderful experience indoors and outdoors, the fascinating smell that spreads and the atmosphere of a perfect night is what awaits you here. This place offers the best quality food with an authentic Indian flavor, they also have the best Indian-Maltese fusion dish that you should try here. The Maltese fish will surprise you and combine it with its classic desserts and you are ready to go. This Indian restaurant located in the heart of Valletta also offers first-class and beneficial service, with the most delicious menus around and a magnificent meal that includes veg, vegan, gluten-free, and non-veg dishes. This place also offers a casual dinner laid-back meal with friends and a private dinner with groups, either you are on a romantic wave or just a sudden desire for a sweet desert miracle. It is a cozy place, with light and impeccable food, with mouth-watering dishes. All that you get from here is romance, happiness, a happy heart, a completely satisfied appetite, and even your package (yes, they offer delivery). A full and modern gastronomic experience awaits you at Naan Bar

Best Non-Veg Indian cuisine

Malta is a little island in the focal Mediterranean with a rich history. Malta is a famous visitor destination on account of its excellent seashores and has a fabulous time, well-known bars for individuals of all ages. Naan Bar is outstanding amongst other Indian café to investigating this delightful island. The stylistic layout is extremely particular and intriguing, with a wonderful and stylish artistic creations by experts. Serving conventional Indian food, Naan Bar is a top-notch eatery and wine bar which gives a remarkable encounter. The eatery is lit by a couple of lights in the walls and roof and candles on the tables. Wooden furniture of shifting shades gives a feeling of solace and passes on a casual atmosphere Naan Bar in Valletta is famous among youthful Maltese individuals. It is the best spot for having Indian food with authentic taste and flavors. It offers much of fusion food blended with the perfect and authentic taste. Many travelers prefer to visit this place to explore the casual dining -cum- private dining, is an incredible spot to get together with companions and have a couple of mixed drinks and beverages. The cocktails are innovative, with a touch of fresh herbs and with authentic ingredients. The Non-Veg menu is the most tastiest dish at this place. Be it a starter or a main course you will enjoy every bit of it. The most popular 5 dishes of this restaurant are Chicken Tikka, Chicken Korma, Chicken Galouti kebab, Kashmiri rogan josh, Lamb Biryani this are the dishes they are famous for in Valletta. If you are coming to Malta to spend quality, then this place to visit is a must. One who has visited this place again comes to this place because of the food that is served here.