She Was Pretty ep. 7-8 (Spoiler Alert...O_o)

Since I saw the first trailer of this I have been in love with it! I could not wait for it to start! Now that it started and I have been watching it weekly I can not wait for the next episodes. Sometimes, I wish I could have waited until the whole drama was over so I could marathon it. Then, again now that I started watching it I am so hooked that I can not stop now to wait until it is over to marathon it until it is over, :/ This week's episodes were AWESOME! Let's star with Kim Shin-Hyuk! Who knows what is going on in his mind! Luckily for Shin-Hyuk, what he thought could happen was not exactly what was happening. Then again, they did get closer, at least on Kim Hye-Jin's mind Kim Shin-Hyuk knows how to "control" Hye-Jin and how to make Sung-Joon jealous (even if he does not realize/accept it)