2 years ago
"Koreaboo" Rant
Hello, my name is Andrea and this is my most recent instagram post which really was the starting point of the series of events over the past week that led to me posting this. I have a friend named Seohyun who lived in South Korea, and from her I've picked up on some popular culture and trends in South Korea. In short terms, Seohyun sends me Korean beauty products and makeup, she got me using Korean photo editing apps, and she's slowly teaching me Korean. In turn, I've been allowing these components of my life to show through my social media. About a week ago I got a comment from a girl who said "You offend me with your shameless yellow facing and racist use of my culture. You're white, and have no right in trying to act 'asian'." She later commented that I was "just another white girl Koreaboo who likes Kpop." She, along with an added few girls of various Asian ethnicities continued to comment on my pictures, speaking out on my "vulgar acts of racism" through my "yellow facing". According to them, you can not utilize Asian make-up or fashion trend if you are white (some said unless you're cosplaying"). They called my "ageyo" cringe worthy and my "stereotypical Asian poses" aka V signs a sure sign of my insensitivity towards the culture and trend of Asians. I was accused of trying to create an aegyo sal, when in fact I just have under eye bags from lack of sleep, my v sign was typical Koreaboo behavior, when in fact in America people who have no interest whatsoever use what we call peace signs.

안녕하세요~ Just a small town girl who loves everything Korean 🇰🇷